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“The approach Fastly has taken with their investment in Compute@Edge makes real the promise of serverless. This combined with Fastly’s engineer-to-engineer customer service really sets Fastly apart as a great partner for delivering exceptional digital experiences to our readers and viewers.”
Pablo Mercado

Use cases

Content stitching

Reduce the number of requests to origin by using Compute@Edge to implement a stitching layer, pull content from multiple systems and combine it together for each request. Use Compute@Edge to deliver faster load times, reduce origin traffic, and lower your infrastructure costs.


A/B testing

Move application logic to the edge to facilitate A/B testing while still reducing the number of requests to origin. Push new tests out faster and adjust them as needed, improving the experience for your end users.


Waiting room tokens

Manage and response to everyday traffic bursts to your site. With Compute@Edge, you can assign waiting room tokens to users at the edge, minimizing the returns to origins and improving the customer experience. Simplify your architecture and filter out invasive bot traffic by migrating customer-facing traffic management workflows to the edge.


Enhanced API performance

Take advantage of Fastly’s ability to support modern-day API query languages such as GraphQL. Unlike typical REST API calls, which require loading from multiple URLs, GraphQL APIs get all the data an app needs in a single request. With Compute@Edge, all the information you need is cached at the edge with Fastly, and can be served rapidly in response to individual GraphQL requests, resulting in a better user experience and a more engaging application experience.



Assign and create unique tokens for specific users that grant access based on different tiers of authentication. Leverage Compute@Edge to stitch content together and serve it back to your users. The unique user tokens are verified and created at the edge, meaning there are less calls to origin, lower infrastructure costs, and faster personalized experiences.


Origin health checks

More and more companies are relying on delivering media and other content to consumers visiting their sites. Doing this on the edge means being able to deliver video on the fly without any playback interruptions. Even with the added complexity of multiple origins, with Compute@Edge you can monitor the health of your origins with an edge microservice, ensuring that viewers see the first frame quickly, never experience interruptions, and gain the best experience possible.


Ad targeting

Create more personalized viewing experiences for your customers without sacrificing performance. With Compute@Edge, you can stitch user specific content, like ads with video files, together for a more personalized experience resulting in faster load times and greatly reduced infrastructure cost. From here, use real-time logging to get visibility into who is viewing the ad.


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