Serverless Compute Environment

Content stitching

for high tech

A major technology brand with multiple content management systems needed to reduce the number of requests to origin. Using Compute@Edge to implement a stitching layer, they are able to pull content from multiple systems and combine it together for each request. They successfully deliver faster load times, reduce origin traffic, and lower their infrastructure costs. 

A/B testing 

for digital media  

A North American digital media company wanted to move application logic to the edge to facilitate A/B testing, while still reducing the number of requests to origin. Using Compute@Edge, their developers are able to push new tests out faster and adjust them as needed, successfully reducing origin traffic and delivering an improved experience for their customers.

Health checks 

for video and streaming

A leading provider of video and streaming services needed a new approach to managing multiple origins that would enable them to deliver video on the fly without any playback interruptions. Using Compute@Edge, they developed and deployed an edge microservice that monitors the health of their origins and helps ensure their customers experience seamless playback. 

Microservice migration

for ecommerce

A leading ecommerce company faced the enormous task of moving their large microservices ecosystem to the edge. Using Compute@Edge, they prioritized migrating their top three microservices -- availability, stock and price — which delivers quicker responses and live updates to their end users and established a repeatable, secure process for future migrations. 

Waiting room tokens 

for Software as a Service (SaaS)

A SaaS provider specializing in reducing web traffic congestion needed a better way to manage and respond to everyday traffic bursts on their customer’s sites. With Compute@Edge, they can assign waiting room tokens to purchasers at the edge, minimizing the returns to origin and improving the customer experience. Simplifying their architecture and filtering out invasive bot traffic were added benefits.

Security checks 

for security providers

A leading security provider knew they needed to migrate their bot detection and mitigation capabilities to the edge to protect against ever-growing cybersecurity threats. Using Compute@Edge, they were able to eliminate tradeoffs between performance and scalability, implementing rules in a more flexible way and easily integrating with customer logic.

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