Rapid image processing at the edge

Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer can cut page load times to delight your visitors and improve search engine rankings — all without burdening your team and without having to invest in a costly dedicated solution. Plus reduce manual effort by transforming your images automatically instead of creating new variations each time you need to crop, resize, or make any other changes.

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Enhanced performance for an enhanced user experience

Fastly's Image Optimizer lets you improve performance without sacrificing user experience. Enhance image-heavy sites' page load speeds with optimized images, transformed at the edge.

Transform and serve images faster

Offload image transformation to our powerful edge cloud platform. When an image is requested, we resize it, adjust quality, crop/trim, change orientations, convert formats, and more, all on demand. This eliminates latency and allows you to improve page load times, bolstering your site’s SEO performance.

Cut infrastructure costs

With Image Optimizer, you can reduce costs and improve productivity. Eliminate expensive image transformation applications and servers at your origin. Save on storage costs by storing one source file and generating the optimal image for each profile on demand, at the edge. Lower egress costs by caching more at the edge.

Delight your users — and team

Image Optimizer can help delight your site’s visitors with fast-loading pages — and let your dev team focus on more fulfilling work than optimizing images. You could save time like one customer, who said we optimized their entire image library for mobile in about a week — a project that would have otherwise taken six months to complete.


Simplified Image Optimization

We transform, serve, and cache optimized image versions on-demand, removing the burden on your infrastructure.

Image Manipulation

Automatically adjust and manipulate images including brightness, contrast, orientation, watermarking, resizing and more for any purpose.

Image Optimization

Improve performance without sacrificing user experience by enhancing image-heavy page load speeds with optimized images, transformed at the edge.

Image Delivery

Serve pixel-perfect, bandwidth efficient images delivered from the edge, simplifying and speeding up delivery. Plus, fine-tune rules over time for maximum efficiency with real-time visibility.

BuzzFeed Optimizes Gif-heavy Content with Fastly
Digital publishing

"The Image Optimizer animated-gif-to-MP4 capability has definitely improved speed and bandwidth usage for us and our users...The new feature was able to condense the 250 MB, browser-freezing “100 Greatest Gifs of all Time” article to a much more manageable 6 MB."

Clément Huyghebaert

Director of Engineering

See Image Optimizer in action

See our real-time image manipulation service in action! Select an image to the left to compare the optimized image with the original. Our Image Optimizer comes with a set of out-of-the-box configurations to instantly optimize your images for performance and speed. Get even more out of Image Optimizer with additional transformations for even better performance and scalability of design resources.
Photo credit: Fabiana Gutierrez (Fastlyan)
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★ Indicates the best optimized configuration available for your device.
☆ Indicates the default optimization without any configuration.
¹Time to load is measured in milliseconds based on a 33.4 Mbps download speed.

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Effortless Image Optimization

To compete on the internet, speed is critical. Users expect websites to load instantly, and sluggish performance can lead to high bounce rates and lost revenue. Fastly can help you optimize your images, which make up a huge part of your web page or application’s total weight, and deliver lightning-fast experiences to your audience.

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