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Real-time logs

Our Varnish platform gives you access to real-time streaming logs. This allows you to monitor your site’s performance, and troubleshoot issues as they happen. You can also add conditions around logs, such as receiving alerts when broken links are detected. Fastly logs can be streamed to almost any major logging endpoint, including syslog servers, logging-as-a-service providers (like Sumo Logic, Papertrail, or Logentries), and Amazon S3 buckets. We also support encryption of log traffic using Transport Layer Security (TLS), so you can send sensitive information to log files without exposing data.  

Real-time stats

Using our analytics dashboard, you can access real-time and historical stats to help monitor the health of your systems. You can see stats on percentage of requests per second, hit ratios, errors, miss latency, and global traffic profiles, including traffic spikes and instability. These insights can be particularly valuable during high-traffic events; if there’s an issue with your infrastructure, you can quickly identify and fix it, while continuing to serve content to your users. 

Instant configuration

Fastly gives you more control over how your content is cached and served. You can create or edit a time to live (TTL), a Serve Stale time for a given piece of content, or change conditions around when URLs are cached. You can make changes using Fastly’s configuration control panel or by uploading custom VCL. This allows you to deploy configurations instantly — no waiting around for maintenance windows and no server downtime. Instant configuration changes also help you keep up with rapidly changing attacker methods during a DDoS attack. We keep a history of previously deployed configurations, so you can instantly roll back if needed. 

Real-time purging

Instant Purge is a powerful feature that allows us to cache frequently changing, event-driven content, such as sports scores or stock prices. Within 150 milliseconds or less of receiving a purge request, we stop delivering the cached copy of your content. When the purged content is requested, we retrieve an updated copy from your origin server and serve it as soon as it’s live on your web server. You can trigger Instant Purge using our configuration control panel, the Fastly API, or via an HTTP request. Purging can be done on an individual URL basis, or by using surrogate keys.