SDKs and APIs that let you fine-tune every feature

Anything you can do on Fastly you can do in code. Our SDKs make it easy to build your next killer app.

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API Clients

RESTful API that provides access to all Fastly services and accounts available through the Fastly web interface. Learn more


Write code for your Compute service in various languages that compile to WebAssembly. We provide official support for several popular, memory-safe languages. Learn more

Code examples

Check out our huge library of code examples tailor made for some of the most popular use cases. Include them in your own service or try them out live in Fastly Fiddle. Learn more

KV Store

Never let data latency be your bottleneck again. With read times an order of magnitude faster than the competition, Fastly’s KV store let’s you imagine entirely new experiences for your end users. Read more

Instant Push via Fanout

A pub/sub broker built on open protocols and running at the speed of Fastly’s edge. Fastly Fanout makes instant, global push messaging almost as easy as just writing a message. Read more

Simple Cache with Instant Purge

All the benefits of Fastly’s global cache, available as a caching primitive you can use in your own apps. Instantly store and purge cache entries as easy as setting a key. Read more


Putting the actual world in “Hello, World.”. Quickly look up where your users are and tailor their experience to their location. Read more

Real-time Logging

Send logs in real-time to the most popular monitoring platforms, or build your own real-time insights using handy endpoints in any format you need. Read more

Dynamic Compression

Compress your dynamic content for the fastest experience possible, with complete control through code for the ultimate in optimization. Read more

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