Compute language SDKs

The Compute platform can run any application compiled to WebAssembly, but we provide official support for several popular languages.

Choose the version number link below to view the full SDK reference for the language of your choice, or choose "more about {language}" to read about the core concepts and principles of using that language with the Compute platform.

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Current SDK version0.
Equally supportedGeolocation, Auto decompression, Dynamic compression, Environment variables, Cache override, Real time logging, KV stores, Config stores, Secret stores, Fanout, Dynamic backends, Simple cache, Readthough cache
Core feature differences
WebSockets passthrough ℹ️--
Mutual TLS for origin fetch--
Core cache interface ℹ️
Pre-release feature differences
Purging see note below--
Backend health-
Device Detection
Edge rate limiting ℹ️
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  1. Purging from edge code allows purge operations to be triggered when processing edge requests. Purging via our API is available regardless of which SDK is used.

Other language SDKs for the Compute platform exist but are not supported by Fastly, and if you want to run a language we don't support, you are welcome to write your own SDK. For more information see Unofficial SDKs for the Compute platform.