Technology Platform

Fastly’s network is designed to deliver a fast, real-time experience. Built on a highly customized version of Varnish, we use Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) and a global network of powerful servers to deliver intelligent caching and application logic at the edge.

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Modern network design

Our points of presence (POPs) are located at well-connected Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) for faster content delivery. Each POP has powerful servers equipped with plenty of RAM and 100% solid-state drives to serve content from cache quicker. Our patent-pending network software allows us to support flexible load balancing and routing. Sophisticated traffic routing enables us to support multiple failover and traffic distribution options.

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Edge computing

Using Varnish Configuration Language (VCL), we enable you to perform intelligent caching, smart load balancing and push application logic to the network edge, closer to your users. With our Edge Modules you can tailor how content is served at the edge based on a user’s location, language, or device type. Edge Dictionaries facilitate real-time edge decision making from every server on the Fastly network.

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Real-time everything

Fastly’s entire network is designed to deliver powerful real-time experiences. We reduce risk by allowing you to make changes in seconds, rather than waiting for maintenance windows. Our logs and stats deliver timely web performance insights for rapid troubleshooting. Instant Purge removes stale content instantly — 150 milliseconds or less — ensuring your users always see the most up-to-date content.

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Managed CDN

Fastly Managed CDN

Fastly’s Managed CDN offers the same core benefits as our public CDN but with even greater control and security options. Companies that push large volumes of content to a global audience can achieve high performance and predictability on our fully managed, custom service. We deploy our edge infrastructure platform on dedicated POPs within your private network at locations of your choosing. Our managed offering can be used as your sole CDN or as part of a hybrid, multi-CDN strategy.

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