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On-the-Fly Packaging

Fastly’s On-the-Fly Packaging (OTFP) delivers an enhanced, secure viewing experience. We support transmuxing to the most common streaming formats (HLS, HDS, and MPEG-DASH) for any resolution at any framerate with multi-language subtitles and closed captioning. Since we only package portions of the video that viewers play, they can start playback immediately instead of waiting for the entire file to be packaged. And with Trick Play, we let viewers fast-forward and rewind almost instantaneously while showing scenes from the video during navigation. Additionally, Fastly provides actionable analytics for optimizing your video packaging and delivery processes.

Media encryption

Fastly’s OTFP service can encrypt videos in both HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming formats. Fastly generates a unique content encryption key (CEK) for each video and defines them in its manifest or index file so the player can retrieve the keys for decryption when needed. This protects your video and ensures it's never in the clear.

Timed metadata injection

Time-based metadata is typically tied to the timeline within a video, and can include information about a scene in a video, such as when music is being played, or who is speaking. This allows you to signal a video player to play ads, track performance, or measure viewer engagement.

With Fastly’s timed metadata injection, you can embed multiple custom metadata about the stream into video segments at specified time instances, giving you granular control over your video content.

Progressive downloads

Fastly helps improve download experiences for videos of all durations. This is particularly beneficial for viewers who seek high-quality offline viewing, or those who lack video player support for modern streaming technologies. Our Streaming Miss feature streams back parts of a video to viewers immediately from origin, while the entire video file is fetched. By enabling progressive downloads we can reduce the time your viewers have to wait — they can begin watching a video as soon as they push play, even though it’s not yet fully cached.