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This quarter our teams concentrated on Fanout LA and Brotli that helps enable user data privacy, messaging at the edge and compression. Free TLS services are now included in our free developer accounts. On the security front, a new Managed Security Service ensures your websites and applications are protected for Next-Gen WAF customers. High performance edge storage is now offered as part of Compute@Edge and you can host Remix applications on our Compute platform.

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Fanout LA

Fastly Fanout enables push as a service for real time delivery of data at scale via the global Fastly Edge network. Fanout is a publish/subscribe message broker that provides you with the ability to push messages via direct connections that remain open indefinitely rather than requiring clients to poll for data using short-lived HTTPS requests.

This is useful for organizations that want to provide real time user experiences for their end user devices such as chat, gamification and live reactions, polls, quizzes, live collaborative editing, stock ticker updates, IoT, etc. Real time web applications are present in all customer verticals.

Brotli GA

Brotli provides support for an additional static compression algorithm. HTTP compression improves transfer speed, bandwidth utilization, and cache utilization, equaling improvements in web performance, reduction in costs, and better end user experiences. Brotli has over 94% adoption in all modern web browsers, and provides a web performance increase of 8-13% over gzip. As a completely self-service setup offering, the Fastly compression feature dynamically fetches content from origin, compresses it, and then caches it. Letting Fastly do the compression frees up resources internally and at the origin.

Free TLS services included in free developer accounts

The developer community spoke, and we listened! You wanted an easier way to test out Fastly services, including Transport Layer Security (TLS). Today we announce you can use our managed TLS service for up to two domains for your services for free, without requiring a credit card, within our existing free account offering!

Fastly Managed Security Service

Managed Security Service is a new service that provides our Next-Gen WAF customers with continuous, proactive monitoring and mitigation of security events, rapid incident response, and regular reporting and consultation. The Fastly Managed Security Service protects your web applications and APIs while allowing your in-house teams to focus on core competencies, strategic initiatives, and high-impact projects.

Config Store LA

Config Store is a high-performance edge storage solution that allows developers to make environment variables, redirect lists, and other configuration data available to their edge logic. You can use Config Store to deliver greater content personalization and reduce the load on origins by stitching user-specific content at the edge. You can also simplify management of IP access control lists, redirects, and URL path rewrite lists by sharing configurations between services for faster edge reads, high durability and infrequent writes all while enjoying the speed and security that our compute platform delivers.

Remix + Compute@Edge

Read the blog to learn how you can now host Remix applications on our Compute@Edge platform. Remix is a popular, modern JavaScript-based full stack web framework that allows you to focus on the user interface and work with web standards, in order to deliver user experiences that are responsive and robust. With growing interest in developing frontend experiences on Compute, Remix + Compute@Edge is a highly performant use case.

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