Introducing Config Store: storing and updating configuration data at the edge just got better

If you are using or evaluating our serverless compute platform to build faster, more personalized apps at the edge, this experience just got easier with Config Store.

Config Store is modeled after our Edge Dictionaries, which gives you the ability to create dictionaries (key/value pairs that your edge logic can reference) inside your Fastly services, helping you make near real-time decisions from every server in our global edge cloud network

"Configuration variables for cloud services are pretty basic - but we wanted to make those configuration parameters more flexible so developers can flex their creativity and solve more problems for themselves,” said Fastly CTO Tyler McMullen.

How it works

It works by placing configuration data in Fastly POPs so that data is available to Compute instances with consistent very low latency. It also allows linking Config Stores with multiple Compute services, making it possible to share configuration data to enable scaled platform interactions at the edge.

Reducing redundancy in workflows

Config Store helps reduce redundancy in your workflows. You can use one Config Store across multiple Compute services that reference the same set of data. This eliminates the need to create time-consuming replicas of the same configuration stores. Plus, if the data changes, there’s only one place you have to update — resulting in less work and less room for error. 

“Fast, shareable configuration makes scaling at the edge easier than ever - another way Fastly is raising the bar on behalf of developers,” said Fastly Chief Product & Strategy Officer Lakshmi Sharma

Building fast, personalized end user experiences 

Compute is designed to empower you to build fast, personalized app experiences at the edge, and Config Store makes this even easier by giving you the ability to dynamically change configuration data in a key/value dictionary resource. This provides immediate access to critical decision-making information as soon as a request is received, opening up many interesting use cases. For example, you can use  Config Store to deliver greater content personalization and reduce load on your origin by stitching user-specific content at the edge. You can also simplify management of IP access control lists, redirects, and URL path rewrite lists by sharing configurations between services for faster edge reads, high durability and infrequent writes.

Find out more

For more information on how to use Fastly’s Config Store, check out our documentation and example code on our Developer Hub. And if you’re not yet using our serverless platform, explore Compute in depth — for free.

MJ Jones
Principal Product Manager, Compute

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MJ Jones
Principal Product Manager, Compute

As the product manager of Compute, MJ guides the development of features for Fastly's serverless compute offering. Before joining Fastly, MJ put his data-driven product management approach to work at Riot Games, Google, GoGuardian, and others.

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