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December 6

A couple of weeks ago Cloudflare, one of our competitors, claimed that their edge compute platform is roughly three times as fast as Compute@Edge. The false claim is a great example of how…

December 3

We analyzed traffic from Thanksgiving Thursday to Cyber Monday in order to understand the traffic, buying, and security trends of ecommerce's big week.

December 1

To create more secure and resilient web experiences, we must design, build, and execute applications with security top of mind, and consider how the lessons of the past 30 years inform how…

November 29

The key to customer retention is serving the most up-to-date content instantly, personalizing that content for readers, and ensuring online experiences are responsive, safe, and secure. Here…

November 23

Many websites today are really applications, and we should be building them as such. To do that, we need application architectures and networks that are capable of supporting fast, secure…

November 17

As we look back to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the website, it’s also worth thinking about the next 30 years. There are a couple of areas where we — as engineers, developers, and…

November 15

In this video from Web Summit 2021, we discuss how you build and ensure your company culture when you have some team members in person and some at home.

November 11

Compute@Edge, our serverless compute environment, can be used to solve headaches dealing with attackers looking to modify and manipulate resources. In this post, we tell you how.

November 8

Fastly customers have been using our Fiddle tool for years to try out ideas for edge logic in VCL. With the advent of Compute@Edge last year, we made our edge compute network accessible to…

November 2

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the basic steps of outputting messages to STDIO and tailing that output with the Fastly CLI as well as configuring a log streaming endpoint, emitting…

November 1

Compute@Edge is now available for everyone to use, and we’re throwing in free credits so you can explore the platform with no strings attached. Read on for a crash course in how to stand up…

October 28

For a limited time, you can get $100k/month in edge compute credits for nine months, as an incentive to start building with Compute@Edge now.