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Just last month, we launched Compute, our new serverless compute environment. Many of you have already applied for our private beta (which is still open — sign up if you haven’t already!), and we’re incredibly excited to help you build on the edge in bold, new ways.

Compute lets developers solve even more elaborate problems at the edge. The new platform has expanded what’s possible: beyond simply caching content, our customers can execute logic and build full-scale apps there as well. Here are just some of the use cases that simply weren’t possible until now:

API enablement. Fetch data from multiple backends and third-party services at the same time, then stitch that data back together. This allows for greater complexity in A/B testing or more customized experiences through GraphQL.

Personalized streaming experiences. Edge-side ad insertion (ESAI) is now possible using manifest manipulation to serve ads at the edge in real-time based on individual end-user profiles. Stay tuned for a future blog post on this use case.

Serverless applications. With more power, a more expressive programming model, and greater language support, developers will be able to build entire applications closer to the end-user.

And now, you can see it in action. During our annual customer conference, Altitude NYC, I gave a demo of Compute showcasing manifest manipulation — the ability for a single piece of content to be routed to the best performing servers for your users.

Watch the demo below, and be sure to sign up for our Compute private beta. Signing up not only puts you in line to chat with our team about experimenting on the new platform, but also gives you access to future demos, news, case studies, and more. Join us — we look forward to building the future with you.

Sean Leach
Chief Product Architect

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Sean Leach
Chief Product Architect

Sean is Chief Product Architect at Fastly, where he focuses on driving the product and technology strategy, security and network research, as well as evangelizing Fastly globally.

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