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TLS is the standard for all sites. It provides security and legitimacy, protects against man-in-the-middle attacks and malicious “eavesdropping,” plus it simply makes good business sense — many browsers now indicate which sites use HTTPS. We are invested in a secure future for the internet so we are invested in TLS.

With today’s release, our TLS offerings are now even more robust. In addition to the Platform TLS API we announced last year for companies managing high volumes of certificates, two new offerings ensure every experience you create has the security and trust that should be inherent across the internet.

TLS hero illustration

Fastly TLS empowers you with the flexibility you need to bring the best of the internet to life. Concierge TLS, an add-on to Enterprise Support, enables scale and customization to ensure trust no matter how complex.

With both offerings, you get frictionless setup and management, as well as auto-renewals on managed certificates, allowing you to focus on building great products instead of keeping up with your certs. You choose whether to use our certificates or bring your own, and how to manage your setup — via UI, API, or a white glove service with Concierge TLS.  If you do bring your own certs, rest assured that we’ve got you covered no matter how you scale, from one certificate to hundreds of thousands.

This is just the start. Stay tuned for more updates to TLS offerings from Fastly that will give developers the security and flexibility they need to build the trusted internet of tomorrow. For the latest pricing for Fastly TLS, visit

Blake Dournaee
Manager, Security Product Management

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Blake Dournaee
Manager, Security Product Management

Blake Dournaee currently manages the security product management group at Fastly where he is working to help ensure customers have access to features and capabilities that improve both security and performance. He started his professional career at RSA Data Security (Now EMC) as a specialist in applied cryptography applications. As a product manager, he worked on launching security appliances for API security and data protection at Intel Corporation.

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