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May 3

API and ATO protection dashboards address a rising security challenge with more visibility

New Fastly next-gen WAF dashboards surface security telemetry from more than 20 new signals for advanced attack scenarios, such as account takeover, credit card validation, and password…

April 29

Introducing Nearline Cache, the first of our commercial solutions to be built in our serverless compute environment — but not the last

Today, we launched Nearline Cache, the first of our commercial solutions to be built in our serverless compute environment, and we’re already feeling the benefits across our engineering…

April 16

Fastly and Okta partner to lock down layer 7

Layer 7 is a primary battleground for web application and API security. Fastly and Okta have partnered together to share threat intelligence, so security and development teams can better…

April 6

Simplifying authentication with OAuth at the edge

The basic concept of performing authentication and then using identity data to make authorization decisions is something that applies to a large majority of web and native apps. Doing this…

March 30

Fastly (Signal Sciences) is a 2021 Customers’ Choice for Web Application Firewalls for the third time in a row

Fastly (Signal Sciences) has been recognized as a Customers’ Choice for Web Application Firewalls in the 2021 Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer” report.

March 10

Engineering leaders: security is your job, too

The rise of secure DevOps has left many security professionals vying for the attention and support of their engineering counterparts. What can engineering leaders do to bridge the gap? We…

February 8

The new rules for web app and API security

Nearly everything we know about building web applications and APIs has changed in the last few decades. So why hasn't security? We argue it's time for a new approach to web app and API…

January 26

More than Bernie memes: what we saw during Inauguration Day

The inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris was unique for many reasons, not the least of which was the lack of crowds due to the COVID-19 pandemic and increased…

January 6

Improving network availability with Precision Path

Fastly introduces Precision Path to address short-lived network congestion issues, for improved protection from transient provider issues for origin server requests, and a more robust…

December 30

Ending on a high note: exceptional stories of digital innovation from 2020

Developers and builders around the world stepped up to meet the moment in a variety of ways in 2020. We’re humbled to be both a witness and enabler for how they supported their organizations…

December 16

Our product vision for 2021 and beyond: build for tomorrow, now

We want to help you build the best user experiences confidently, securely, and quickly in the face of any challenge — and our 2021 product vision is designed with this in mind. Let’s dig in…

December 7

Serving truly dynamic content with a modern CDN and edge-first delivery

Using a powerful, modern CDN that provides instant cache invalidation and real-time analytics allows for edge-first application architectures that improve personalization, performance, and…

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