Everything we announced at our first Fastly Special Event

We’re making the internet better in an instant! That was the theme of Fastly’s first-ever Special Event for developers, and wow was it fun getting to connect with our community and show off what our whole team at Fastly has been hard at work building for developers.

If you want to watch the entire event, it’s pretty fun (no developers were injured in the production of this event!) but if you just want the highlights, here’s a recap of what we featured, along with links so you can try it all out for yourself.

The big one: Free Fastly accounts!

Okay, let’s not drag it out— the biggest highlight of the event was us delivering on the number one all-time developer request we’ve gotten at Fastly: free developer accounts are here! It’s got all the CDN goodness you could want, along with access to our amazing Observability tools, generous KV Store storage, and a whole list of other amazing features and products. We made it easier than ever to sign up and get started running your site on Fastly, so try it out, join us in our community forum to show off what you’ve built, and let your coder friends know that Fastly’s got a whole bunch of great free services for them to try out.

And maybe one of the best features of the new free Fastly account? No surprises! If your site takes off, we’re thrilled and happy for you, and we want to help you succeed, not get an ugly surprise in the form of a huge bill. So don’t be nervous to try it out, and to join the community to let us know what you think.

AI, but make it instant!

Everybody is buzzing about AI, but we’re not just chasing hype. Instead, we want to help you truly improve user experience, by speeding up your AI-powered experiences by up to 10x. The new Fastly AI Accelerator works with OpenAI’s ChatGPT API to add smart semantic caching to your queries, to boost response speeds and cut your costs. OpenAI recommends you use a semantic caching solution, and we think this is going to be the one you love.

This is a beta release, so sign up now to get first access as we let new users in to test, and join us in the forum to share your feedback so we can keep improving your results.

Glitch opens up

Glitch has always been the friendly community where everybody builds the open web together, and now it’s the place where everyone shares and discovers the open web, too! If you have used Glitch, you know it’s almost magical how it lets you build a real website or app right from your browser in under a minute. But the super-friendly, welcoming Glitch community should be accessible to everyone who builds their sites or apps on other platforms, too! So now it is.

Don’t be shy: if you made a great little site on GitHub Pages, or are really proud of a portfolio site you made on Squarespace, or you want people to check out what you made on Vercel or Netlify or wherever — starting today you can add it to your Glitch profile. (We’re offering first access to this feature to Glitch Pro members, but we’ll be bringing it to everyone soon.) We are also working hard to enable sharing sites on Glitch playlists and opening up to all kinds of new ways of sharing. The open, human web made by real people is thriving, and Glitch wants to help you discover it.

Sustainability Dashboard

We all care about the impact that our sites and apps are having on the planet. So, in another Fastly-first feature, we’re launching a brand new Sustainability Dashboard for your Fastly account, giving you an instant look at the environmental impact of running your site. This is an area we’re excited to expand upon and explore, so we also want to welcome feedback about how to improve the quality, relevance, and usefulness of the data. Together, we can make a big impact on reducing the footprint of our sites.

Fanout, Domainr, Fastly KV Store, and much more!

There are almost too many other exciting new things to cover, from the globe-spanning instant updating of Fastly Fanout, to the one-of-a-kind domain data from Domainr, we’re moving at a breakneck pace to give you access to instant web services you can’t get anywhere else. And we’re opening signature features like our instant KV Store (it’s up to 30x faster than other KV Stores you might be using now!) to have generous free limits when you sign up for your new Fastly account.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to dive in and check out all the newest launches from our teams. We think they’re going to help you imagine and build your most amazing experiences ever.

Anil Dash
VP Developer Experience

4 min read

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Anil Dash
VP Developer Experience

Anil Dash leads Fastly’s Developer Experience and Compute product teams, helping coder build on top of Fastly’s platform. He served as CEO of Glitch prior to its acquisition by Fastly in 2022. Honored by the Webby Awards with its lifetime achievement award in 2022, he was also an advisor to the Obama White House’s Office of Digital Strategy and a columnist for Wired.

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