New: Compute local testing

We’ve been truly impressed by the wide range of next-gen services our customers are bringing to life, now that production traffic is running on Compute, which is used to build, test, and deploy code in our serverless compute environment. But there are still challenges to overcome in order to unlock the full potential of serverless. Today we’re addressing one of them by introducing local testing for Compute. 

Compute local testing gives you the flexibility to run your work-in-progress applications locally on your laptops, servers, or CI systems, in an environment similar to production — but without the deployment time and process. And because there's no deployment step involved with local testing, you can easily use the tool as part of your existing automated testing processes, including for unit tests and integration tests in CI, giving you control of your testing setup.

A flexible environment to test and iterate

This new feature makes testing as accessible and as close to the actual production environment as possible, making it easier than ever to get started with Compute, experiment, and iterate faster when you’re debugging. Debugging was previously possible with log tailing, but the introduction of local testing gives you a scalable and repeatable regression testing path that takes the added step of deployment off your plate. 

Closely imitating the production environment, local testing gives you full fidelity to standard WASI hostcalls, core HTTP operations (manipulating and sending requests/responses), and logging. Plus, with the Fastly Command Line Interface, you can get to production sooner, with the ability to develop, test, and iterate from a single location to ensure your applications are performing optimally before you release them to your end users. 

What’s next

Local testing is a critical component of the application development workflow and is another way we’re keeping our dedication to the best developer experience possible. Find out more — including how to get going — in our Developer Hub. And if you're not yet using Compute, sign up now and experience the power of serverless for yourself.

Brynne Hazzard
Product Marketing Manager, Compute@Edge

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Brynne Hazzard
Product Marketing Manager, Compute@Edge

As a Product Marketing Manager at Fastly, Brynne guides go-to-market strategy for our serverless compute environment, Compute@Edge. She was previously bringing products (and the stories they tell) to market across the start-up landscape, from CRM data optimization to email marketing. In her spare time, you can catch her climbing in the Rocky Mountains or organizing her large collection of house plants.

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