New Logging Endpoints with Fastly

Every business needs the ability to see how their site is doing, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Our real-time logging enables just that, so you can easily view your traffic, understand your site health, and make the changes you need as quickly as possible. And today, we’re thrilled to give you even more control: in addition to the providers you can already choose from, we’ve added two new options — Honeycomb and Splunk — and boosted our capabilities with Google’s BigQuery to support even more logs per second.

However you leverage logs, we want to empower you to do it as seamlessly as possible. Whether you’re setting up your first endpoint or already storing logs with a favorite partner, there are countless ways you can take advantage of the real-time insights from the edge provided by Fastly. You can add conditions around logs, allowing you to easily identify the causes of service disruptions. You can send sensitive information to log files without exposing data, thanks to log traffic encryption using Transport Layer Security (TLS). And you can log any aspect of a request or response based on standard functionality and more, all on Fastly.

Our real-time logging philosophy

The phrase “customer first” might seem like a soundbyte, but for us here at Fastly, it’s been a guiding principle from the start. Our community is at the heart of our decision-making. And this impacts both the products we decide to build, and the way we go about building them. Real-time logging is one of the clearest examples of this.

We believe your data belongs to you. And that’s why we don’t store your logs. We want you to own your data and delivery, have the freedom to choose the best endpoint provider for you and your business, and the logging flexibility you need to solve business problems. And it’s precisely because you asked for more endpoint providers that we built these new integrations — and will continue to scale and innovate in the future.

Flexible logging solutions for every business

The logging needs of businesses vary greatly and there’s no one right way to use logs. That’s why our goal here at Fastly is to enable businesses to access, review, and utilize logs quickly, seamlessly, and with the flexibility they need to succeed.

Our customers leverage logs to support their business through maintaining exemplary user experiences, building resiliency, cutting costs, and more. For the Guardian, log streaming helps them detect issues early after changes are deployed to their site. Upworthy measures site health by looking at Fastly stats alongside other cloud providers. Foursquare determines what content is cached and what data is streamed with logs. The list goes on, and we continue to see the benefits of real-time logging in innovative use cases.

More providers, more control

Here are the latest additions to our endpoints and updates to our existing ones, so you can choose your favorite fit.


With Honeycomb, you can easily query and visualize log events in milliseconds, and gain observability into the lifecycle between services, code, systems, and storage layers. You can read more about the integration on their blog.


Splunk Enterprise aggregates, analyzes and gets answers from any machine data.

Google BigQuery

While our integration with Google’s BigQuery isn’t new, we’ve added some oomph to strengthen the performance for companies that need larger data sets. Since our last update, we’ve increased the number of logs per second, making it easier to capture the full picture, quickly.

Moving forward

We know that visibility and control are of paramount importance to you, so we’ll continue to invest in the scale and stability of our real-time logging solution. That means devoting resources to keep things running smoothly, ensuring our platform performs at the highest standard, and continuing to build out new integrations.

To get started with real-time logging on Fastly, visit our guide for an in-depth walkthrough. Or you can dig deeper by watching the Logging at the Edge workshop from our customer summit Altitude, or read an example from Target’s blog on how they leveraged log streaming and streamlined their dashboards. As always, please share your feedback on what’s working well, what you’d like to see more of, and how we can make your log life better.

Rachel Goldberg
Content Marketing Manager

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Rachel Goldberg
Content Marketing Manager

Rachel Goldberg is the Content Marketing Manager at Fastly. Previously, she's overseen editorial, UX, and copywriting at Vimeo and SideTour (acquired by Groupon). In addition to crafting words for tech companies, she can be found writing fiction, supporting environmental causes, and dreaming of better guitar skills.

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