Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 Team selects Fastly to Drive Ultimate Digital Performance

Both on the track and in the digital world, adversity and speed are a given. It takes innovation, security, and trust to drive the top-level performance that wins podiums and leads the industry. That’s why Fastly is proud to announce that they are now an official global sponsor of the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team.

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Overcome. Overdeliver. 

Both Fastly and the 8-time consecutive FIA Formula One™ World Constructors’ Champions have proven that they are committed to overcoming obstacles while pushing the limits of speed and safety for users and fans alike. 

The Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 Team has relentlessly focused on overcoming difficult and treacherous conditions to deliver fans the results they expect from one of the most legendary names in motorsport. Likewise, Fastly is constantly improving on their mission to help the world’s top brands deliver the fastest online experiences possible. 

Together, Mercedes F1 and Fastly will push each other to even greater heights of speed and performance on a global scale.

Speed, safety, and innovation. 

Fastly’s powerful and programmable edge cloud platform not only delivers digital experiences at blistering pace—they do so while simultaneously improving site performance, enhancing security, and empowering leading-edge innovation.


Fastly upgrades the internet experience with the world’s fastest global edge cloud network.


We protect your customers’ data, uphold the integrity of your brand, and give users confidence by displaying secure HTTPS sites across all your properties.

Leading edge

Powerful edge computing software helps customers develop, deliver, and secure modern distributed applications while giving them more control and more dynamic applications.


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Secure your web apps and APIs, wherever they live

Our next-gen WAF is so effective, over 90% of customers use it in full blocking mode.

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Deliver fast, personalized experiences globally

Move data & applications closer to users with our global mean deploy time of <15 seconds.

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Faster, simpler, and more secure serverless code

Superior speed, enhanced security, & developer-friendly customizations to fit any use case.