Media & Streaming

Rapid delivery is key to providing broadcast-quality video experiences on any device, anywhere. Fastly is built for speed: with a capacity of several terabits per second, we’re handling hundreds of days of video traffic per minute.

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Video on Demand (VOD)

Our state-of-the-art network handles hundreds of days of video traffic per minute, with a 97% or higher cache hit rate. We can cache large video files of up to five gigabytes which significantly reduces load on your origin. Features like Streaming Miss and On-the-Fly Packaging improve performance and viewer experiences across multiple devices and platforms.

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Live streaming

Fastly is optimized to deliver millions of concurrent live streams to viewers while maintaining video quality and performance. We support delivery of live video over all major HTTP video streaming formats, archived or recorded, on any public or private cloud storage service. We’ve also partnered with several best of breed vendors to support live streaming workflows. Our service puts you in control — using our API, you can self-provision and configure your live delivery in minutes.

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Secure delivery

Protecting your content from unauthorized users is critical. Fastly supports HTTP Streaming Video over Transport Layer Security (TLS), which is more advanced than its predecessor, SSL. You can incorporate additional security through content targeting and Edge Authorization. With content targeting, you can identify user locations to prevent content delivery in unauthorized regions. Edge Authorization Tokens are generated within your application and authenticated at our edge before content is served, removing the burden from your authentication server.

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Origin peering

For customers who need to support large traffic spikes, Origin Peering offers dedicated bandwidth. We provide one or more Private Network Interconnects (PNIs), each with a 10 gigabits per second connection between your origin and Fastly Origin Shield POPs. Traffic is sent across these dedicated private paths rather than going over the public internet, effectively reducing latency.

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Real-time everything

Fastly lets you interact with and analyze your services in real-time. You can deploy your own configurations through our UI or automate changes via our API. Edge Dictionaries let you define and modify business logic at the edge of our network, like enabling or disabling features, instantly without deploying a new configuration. And our real-time logs give you instant visibility into how users are consuming your video so you can proactively fine tune your settings.

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