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Deliver high-quality, fast and secure video experiences

Fastly’s edge cloud is trusted by leading media brands to effectively scale their products and reach. Our high-performance platform lets you build and deliver fast, secure, and unique user experiences. And when needed, our platform instantly scales to support the largest audiences without increasing the burden on your origin.

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Powering the best of the internet

Accelerate your content

Continuously learn, experiment, and optimize on your terms.

The Fastly Edge platform is format-agnostic making it easily fit into your existing architecture. Our API-friendly approach easily integrates and gets you up and running in the shortest time possible, but also frees you from limitations normally imposed by your delivery chain. For faster deployment, we’re also available on the GCP and AWS marketplaces.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

Powerful protection ensures great experiences

Fastly’s global network is built to absorb DDoS attacks, allowing you to respond in real-time.  Filter malicious requests at the network edge - before they get near your origin. Our Next-Gen WAF lets you implement advanced bot protection at the edge to eliminate excessive abuse and misuse of resources that power fraudulent activity, such as account takeover or application DDoS.

Why Sherpa Digital Uses Fastly for Better Media Delivery
Streaming Media

“Not only did Fastly provide the type of cost savings and scalability that we were looking for -- the performance to the end users was greatly increased.”

Steve Blankenship

VP of Product

Real-Time Visibility and Control

Quickly identify - and resolve - performance issues with real-time log streaming.

Real-time logs let you continuously monitor your digital health. Gain insights into engagement levels, request response times, origin failures, and more. Data flows to preferred logging endpoints letting you quickly identify and solve issues while at the same time providing valuable insight to optimize delivery and make sure your content remains available.

World-Class Support

Build momentum with industry-leading technical assistance

With an overall CSAT rating of over 95%, we pride ourselves on our customer relationships. Fastly’s world-class support includes direct assistance from our engineers via chat and in-depth technical documentation. We have support packages designed specifically for rich content, such as Live Event Monitoring to alert and troubleshoot complex issues during an event.

Fastly enables SeenThis to meet clients' tough sustainability targets and performance needs
Media & Entertainment

"We will never compromise performance and quality on the path to net zero. But we can really make a difference when it comes to clients’ sustainability and Fastly is a key enabler of that."

Einar Andersson


Incredible experiences for every Fastly customer. And yours.

Fastly’s edge cloud platform was designed from the ground up to be flexible and customizable. While many options exist, our out-of-the-box delivery platform is ready to deliver content to your viewers and listeners. These are some of the included features:"


Content Delivery Network

Scale globally, improve performance, and save on costs

Origin offloading and Request Collapsing

Let Fastly act as your origin to significantly reduce traffic and egress cost

Full control of HTTP headers

Determine how you want your content served

Edge logic and advanced content delivery control

Direct access to content delivery, control, and edge logic capabilities

Dynamic site acceleration

Speedy delivery improves conversion, retention, SEO, and ad revenue

Time to Live (TTL) controls

Content expiration settings that work as timers on your cached content

Static, dynamic and video content delivery

One programmable service that optimizes all types of HTTP content

Dynamic ad insertion preparation

Embed custom metadata or ad markers at specified time instances

Grace mode

Continue to serve expired content for a set amount of time


Real-time routing around transient obstructions when fetching content

Industry-leading support

We pride ourselves on a CSAT rating of +95%


Serve your content faster and reduce load and cost of your origin

Content compression

Compress content in real-time, providing snappier experiences


API configurability and UI with usage graphs/maps

Manipulation of objects related to Fastly services and accounts

Supplier Provided Prefix (BYOIP)

Your IP spaces are announced, routed, and served by Fastly infrastructure

Real-time log streaming

Optimize your delivery with real-time logs

Origin health checks

Configurable and automatic health checks of your origin server


Dedicated IPs

Manage zero-rated endpoints and TLS certificates for non-SNI clients

Instant purge

Remove cached content worldwide on demand within milliseconds

Soft purge

Mark content as outdated instead of permanently purging

Surrogate key purging

Allows you to selectively purge related content

Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Allow websites and applications to serve HTTPS traffic

Content protection

Encrypt videos with support for DRM technologies

Always-on DDoS mitigation

Network is built to absorb Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks

Origin shielding

Protect origin servers from unexpected spikes in requests

Empowering developers

Paywall authentication

Leverage Fastly’s programmable platform to build paywall functionality at the network edge. Avoid the costs and latency associated with origin lookups while ensuring only subscribers gain access to gated content.

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On-the-Fly Packager

Fastly’s On-the-Fly Packager (OTFP) helps with managing Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) support, saving time on the backend.kups while ensuring only subscribers gain access to gated content.

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Live Events

We deliver some of the world’s largest online live events, and our live event services give you real-time monitoring, streaming delivery, request collapsing, capacity planning and flexible deployment.

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