Serve your students better

Upgrade your technology for online classrooms regardless of size, location and platform

Exceed user expectations and student needs by delivering reliable, secure online experiences. In a market forever changed, distance learning remains top of mind for online learners and educators around the world as academic institutions seek to set themselves apart not only with the content but the entire virtual classroom and experience.

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Powering the best of the internet

Unsurpassed Student Experiences

Confidently deliver the best online education experiences

Fastly’s global edge cloud intelligently handles large volumes of simultaneous requests bringing you peace of mind during high-traffic events such as course registration, popular live and recorded classes, and online exams. Reduce infrastructure cost and control your own destiny by caching more on Fastly, eliminating the need for costly build-out and unnecessary egress traffic.

Secure online education

Highly effective, automated protection against online threats

Fastly’s globally distributed platform is built to secure applications, content as well as important data –  without sacrificing performance. With DDoS, WAF, and bot protection fully integrated into the PCI-DSS-compliant platform, it empowers you with real-time visibility and functionality to push out new security rules, globally, in mere seconds.

How Khan Academy successfully handled 2.5x traffic in a week

“Khan Academy site usage grew to 2.5x during only two weeks during 2020 and has sustained that level to date. As schools all over the world closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Khan Academy was able to respond, offering high-quality content and classroom experience — for free. In the month of April, we served 30 million learners on our platform.”

Marta Kosarchyn

VP of Engineering

E-learn from anywhere

Engaging live and on-demand experiences

Provide your students with the best possible viewer experiences with built-in logic to tailor content to their devices and platforms. Our higher cache ratio results in faster delivery and reduced egress cost, and with Fastly’s real-time streaming logs, you can monitor infrastructure performance and immediately address internet weather.

World-Class Support

Assistance in and out of the classroom

With an overall CSAT rating of over 95%, we pride ourselves on our customer relationships. Fastly’s world-class support includes direct assistance from our engineers via chat and in-depth technical documentation. We have support packages designed specifically for rich content, such as Live Event Monitoring to alert and troubleshoot complex issues during an event.

Skillsoft reduces latency as they ramp up video content to reach 4x as many students worldwide.

“I think that’s one of the biggest differences with Fastly: with legacy CDN, you can do a few things here or there, but usually you have to use their team to make the configuration changes. With Fastly, we don’t have to open support cases and wait for someone else to do it — we do what we want, when we want.”

Brad MacDonald

Clouds Solutions Engineering Manager, Cloud Operations

Empowering developers


The days of agile development efforts getting stuck in release queues are over. With Fastly’s edge cloud network, visibility and control are integrated, so you can deploy new software or feature enhancements weekly, daily, or even multiple times a day.

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Secure DevOps

Bake security into your app development processes from the start — without having to make tradeoffs between app performance and security.

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A/B testing

With near real-time logs and instant configuration changes, gain the confidence to test different article content with different readers without having to manage multiple URLs or forfeit SEO benefits.

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