Be one with traffic.

Confidently deliver the best digital experiences at any scale.

In this new era of sustained high traffic, you need a strategy that makes you feel at one with traffic — exceeding the demand for resiliency and performance at scale while reducing the burden on your bottom line.

Cache more at the edge to deliver fast, dynamic user experiences.

Deliver the experiences that delight customers by caching more at the edge — including apps and APIs. Scale to handle mobile requests without costly API gateways, and save on origin costs with higher cache hit ratios.

Improve mobile performance while cutting costs.
Transaction between two people, one is holding a smartphone with credit card the other is extending a card reader while holding a tablet.

Shield your origin from traffic surges — both expected and unexpected.

Save on egress and compute costs by protecting your origin against traffic surges. Collapse multiple simultaneous requests for the same content into a single request to origin.

A person scrolling through clothing options on a tablet while holding a credit card.
Person shopping for clothing on a tablet while holding a credit card.

Optimize network performance — even during high-traffic events.

Gain observability with real-time logs streamed to an endpoint of your choice, and feel confident in deploying or rolling back configuration changes knowing they will take effect within seconds.

Person facing television cheering at an American football game.
Person facing a television cheering at an American football game.

Confidently scale on demand to address traffic spikes.

No more capacity constraints or request processing bottlenecks. Built-in routing and load balancing intelligently handle large volumes of simultaneous requests.

Developer with multiple monitors displaying code wearing orange headphones.
Developer working on multiple monitors displaying code. They are wearing orange headphones.

Secure your network and apps without impacting performance.

Benefit from full integration of DDoS, WAF, and bot protection, plus real-time visibility into potential threats — with the power to quickly alter security rules and push them out globally in seconds.

A toddler wearing a hat is looking at an ipad that is being held by an adult.
A toddler wearing a hat is looking at an ipad secure in the arms of an adult.

Behind the best of the web.

The most confident companies — the New York Times, Stripe, Airbnb, and more — power their strategy for performance at scale with Fastly.

Financial Services

Provide your customers with fast and secure financial transactions at any scale.

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Deliver the powerful online shopping experience your users demand.

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High Tech

Ensure customers receive your services quickly, reliably, and securely.

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Online Video & Audio

Provide customers with high-quality experiences — live or on-demand.

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Digital Publishing

Deliver the latest news, media, and entertainment to your viewers.

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With the right partner, performance at scale is within reach — it’s also easier to master than you may think.

Drive performance at scale across your IT stack without having to re-architect your infrastructure — even if you have one or more CDNs already in place. 

Plus, our world-class support — with a customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) of over 95%* — is here when you need it with documentation, chat, engineers, solutions packages, and more. 

*as of June 30, 2020

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