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More ownership, more control: announcing our new logging endpoints

Oct 8, 2018

Every business needs the ability to see how their site is doing, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Our real-time logging enables just that, so you can easily view your traffic, understand your site health, and make the changes you need as quickly as possible. And today, we’re thrilled to give you even more control: in addition to the providers you can already choose from, we’ve added Honeycomb and Splunk, and boosted our capabilities with Google BigQuery to support even more logs per second.

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Adaptive Plots Using Epoch

Introduced in the most recent release (0.6.0), adaptive plots add a level of flexibility and interaction that was sorely missing in the library. In this post, we’ll talk about what this means, and how you…

Caching “Like” and “Share” Buttons

In a blog post about caching with tracking cookies, I explained how Fastly’s edge scripting language allows businesses to cache things that were previously uncacheable as well as send data back via our...

Test New Encodings With Fastly, Including WebP

At Fastly, we believe that the freedom to experiment is what makes the web great. We’re excited by the cutting edge breakthroughs in file encodings that are happening almost every day, making the web better…

Fastly at OSCON 2014

Next week, we’ll be traveling up to beautiful Portland, Oregon to attend OSCON, O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention. We’re extremely excited to sponsor, attend, and speak at the conference this year.

Announcing our Inaugural Varnish Meetup in NYC

Over the past few years, the various boroughs of New York have come together to build a very active technology community. We’ve been attending a lot of these community events, and now we’ve decided to…

Introducing Epoch, a Real-Time Visualization Library

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve taken Fastly's stats tools one step further and distilled our visualization code into a stand-alone open source library. Introducing Epoch: a general purpose, real-time visualization library. …

Fastly at Velocity Santa Clara 2014

We’re excited to be at Velocity Santa Clara this week (June 24-26) to talk about the future of web performance, meet new people, and participate in a few offsite events!

Level Up Your Log: Pro Tips for Streaming Logs

Streaming logs is one of our most popular features. It’s fast and flexible, giving operations teams more data from the edge than ever before and in real time. Since its release, we’ve seen Fastly customers…

A Cache Recipe for Success

With Fastly, you have the freedom and flexibility to completely customize your caching settings. From respecting Cache-Control headers sent from your origin servers to allowing you to granularly set rules for any object or set…

Announcing the Fastly Drupal 7 Module

We’re always looking for ways to make it easier to integrate with Fastly. Recently, we’ve targeted a few high-profile frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails, and built plugins for them. This week, we’re...

Steve Souders on High Performance Web Components

At April’s WebPerf meetup in San Francisco, Fastly Chief Performance Officer Steve Souders discussed the synchronous and asynchronous nature of Web Components, and how they can impact the rendering of the entire page.

Jason Cook's "Stupid Boot Tricks"

Fastly principal engineer Jason Cook explains how he uses iPXE and Chef to get to boot management bliss. Check out his slides from ChefConf 2014 here.