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Building the WAF test harness

To help our customers secure their sites and applications — while continuing to give their users reliable online experiences — we’ve built a performant, highly configurable, and comprehensive Web Application Firewall (WAF). In order to provide a comprehensive solution for securing your infrastructure, it’s critical to continuously test that solution. In this post, we’ll share how we ensure a quality WAF implementation for our customers, continuously testing it using our framework for testing WAFs (FTW), and go deeper into the findings and contributions we’ve made to the OWASP CRS community with FTW.

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Reduce Page Load Times

Ensuring a smooth end user experience with short page load times - whether for shopping online, reading the news, or collaborating on software - is one of the main reasons Fastly customers use our Content…

Fastly at the Varnish User Group Meeting (VUG8)

Fastly Caching Software is built on Varnish Cache, an open source HTTP accelerator. We are big believers in open source - we provide free services for Ruby Gems, PyPI, Perl and Debian among others, and…

Fastly CDN Expands

At Fastly, we’re constantly working to upgrade our network and expand global capacity. Last week, we built up capacity in our Ashburn, New York City, and Los Angeles POPs and brought a new Miami POP…

Build Your Own Network

At Fastly, we’ve been steadily building the world’s most advanced CDN. Since our founding, we’ve expanded the public network to include 17 globally distributed points of presence (POPs) and are now serving more than 20…

How to Win Black Friday

For the majority of the population, Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday period are a time for family, feasting and frivolity. For eCommerce managers, however, it's the busiest period of the year with almost...

Fastly at FutureStack 2013

We're proud to have been a part of New Relic's first FutureStack conference (and equally proud to have New Relic as a Fastly customer)! If you didn't make it to FutureStack, you can watch Fastly CEO...

We're in London This Week

We’re headed to London this week for Velocity Europe! If you’re attending, please stop by kiosk #306 in the Exhibit Hall to meet the Fastly team and chat with our engineers.

Join Fastly for a Gigaom Webinar

On Tuesday, November 12 at 10:00am PT, we invite you to join us for a free Gigaom Research analyst roundtable webinar exploring how growth in dynamic and real-time web content is forcing changes to the…

Artur Bergman’s Talk at Velocity NYC 2013

If you missed Fastly CEO Artur Bergman’s talk “Latency is the mind killer” at Velocity NYC, watch it here to learn how latency affects network performance (and how to cure it).

Artur Bergman Speaks at Surge 2013

Did you miss Artur speaking at Surge 2013? We’ve got you covered. Here’s his talk on why latency is the pervasive, silent killer in the world of network performance.

How to Cache Everything

We at Fastly have a credo: “latency kills.” Slow is never optimal when it comes to the internets, and in previous posts, we’ve alluded to the importance of caching in our ongoing quest...

Introducing Fastly Streaming Media

After months of hard work, we're proud to announce the Fastly Streaming Media Service. Fastly is optimized for small object delivery, so http live streaming is in our DNA - but don't be...

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