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Announcing our 30th POP: Paris!

We’re pleased to announce that our 30th POP has come online to the Fastly Network. Located in Paris, France, our new CDG POP is designed to better service Europe by decreasing latency and increasing bandwidth for users in the region. For further reading, check out our post on how we strategically place our powerful POPs in well-connected locations around the world (as opposed to deploying lots of small servers).

Bringing a new POP online at Fastly is always an exciting experience for our team. A cross-functional team comprised of members of our infrastructure, site reliability engineering, and distributed systems teams join together to activate new POPs. The team is responsible for making sure that hardware is deployed, connectivity is working correctly, and our software stack has been correctly configured. After a series of status checks, we slowly introduce traffic to the new POP during the diurnal trough window. In France, it looked like this:

CDG bandwidth spike

During the deployment window (as announced on our status page), we’re monitoring our network to track the effect of the new POP. We will watch our availability and performance reports in the new region to ensure that routing reconvergence is as expected. As an example, here’s a snapshot from our Real User Monitoring (RUM) collector at the time we introduced the POP:

CDG latency drop

Other updates: London, UK
As we’ve been working to bring Paris online, our data center team has been adding more caching servers to our London City POP to satisfy increased demand. Customers using the London City POP for Origin Shielding will see even more impressive cache hit ratios over the next few weeks as the new cache servers come online. You can stay informed about Fastly’s network events by subscribing to updates on our status page.

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