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Fastly CDN Expands

By  Kelly Jandro, Customer Marketing Manager, November 26, 2013 in Network

network pop map

At Fastly, we’re constantly working to upgrade our network and expand global capacity. Last week, we built up capacity in our Ashburn, New York City, and Los Angeles POPs and brought a new Miami POP online to improve user experience in South and Central America. We also brought a second London POP online and increased the capacity in our existing London and Frankfurt POPs. In addition to our existing POPs in Tokyo and New Zealand, we’ve added new POPs in Singapore and Hong Kong to bring our customers’ content even closer to users in Asia Pacific. These upgrades are already available to current customers. New to Fastly? Interested in service in any of our new or existing areas? Sign up here or email us at


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Kelly Jandro | Customer Marketing Manager

Kelly Jandro leads Fastly’s Customer Marketing program, where she works with customers to tell their stories through case studies and events. She has an Economics degree from Northwestern.