Now in beta, Fastly’s Observability Dashboard

What is your process for setting up a full end-to-end observability view of your application or website property? Perhaps you find yourself logging into and viewing multiple dashboards from various monitoring and security vendors or developing complex logging pipelines to gather all the metrics you and your team need. Either way, a lot of time is spent managing multiple data sources to achieve a full view.

This is why we started building the Observability Dashboard — to bring all your delivery, security, and application metrics into one interactive window.

How it works

Fastly’s Observability Dashboard provides per-second visibility and historical reporting on the performance and activity of your services in a single pane of glass. Utilize our templated system dashboards, or customize your views and visualizations to fit your team’s needs or use cases, including the ability to unify and compare different metrics APIs into a single dashboard.


Compare metrics side by side with a persistent mouse hover across all graphs.

The Observability Dashboard is a fresh visual take on your delivery, security, and compute data:

  • Be informed: Understand how your content is cached and delivered, view edge delivery data in a seamless toggle between real-time and historical views, and view all metrics in a single relevant dashboard. 

  • Investigate: Customize your dashboard to include side-by-side metric comparisons using our service, origin and domain level metrics for more holistic, efficient problem-solving. Zoom into any metric chart for a closer look or correlate code deployment events with spikes or anomalies.

  • Take action: Identify actionable changes within your technology stack to improve stability and performance. 

observability dashboard blog image 2

Compare origin and domain metrics together in customized views. Please note: Both origin and domain level data are available through products sold separately.

As we continue to enhance our dashboard functionality, we look forward to doing so whilst solving our customer's observability use-cases, enabling them to focus on delivering great products and experiences.

This is only the beginning, and there are plenty of delightful features, helpful integrations, and great user experiences we are looking to add in the future, so stay tuned!

The power is in your hands

Ready to give it a go? Sign up for the beta by contacting your account manager or reaching out to

Dom Soegono
Senior Product Manager - Observability

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Dom Soegono
Senior Product Manager - Observability

Dom Soegono is a senior product manager at Fastly helping bring platform visibility and observability products to market. Before Fastly, he was a product manager at Signal Sciences and Edgecast Networks, working on application security and stream transmuxing services. In his free time, you can catch him surfing, training Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or out searching for the next best sushi restaurant.

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