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Fastly is excited to announce the launch of a unified login experience across Fastly and Signal Sciences consoles to make it simpler and easier for you to access Fastly products and services. Users can utilize a single simplified login experience to access the Fastly suite of products. The new experience will reduce user friction when managing multiple distinct credentials to access Fastly products and also improve superusers' productivity by reducing user management overhead to support and troubleshoot users’ login and password issues.

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Improving the login experience

One credential to login to Fastly and Signal Sciences console 

Users can use a single set of login credentials to access the entire suite of Fastly's offerings. Users who have both Fastly and Signal Sciences accounts with the same email address and use 2FA for authentication can log in to both Fastly and Signal Science consoles using their Fastly credentials. Also, users will only have to sign in once and can switch between Fastly or Signal Sciences console seamlessly – without having to log in again.

No more account linking

Users with both Fastly and Signal Sciences accounts will no longer need to manually link those accounts.

Service Provider (SP) initiated Single Sign-On (SSO)

Fastly now supports SP-initiated SSO. If SSO is configured on a Fastly account, users can log in directly at the Fastly console login page using Identity Provider (IdP) credentials without going to your IdP console page.

One place to manage the credentials

Users can change passwords and multi-factor authentication (MFA) tokens directly on the Fastly console for both Fastly and Signal Science accounts.

Increased security posture

Fastly added additional measures to increase the security posture on the platform. 

  • Session timeouts will be standardized and will apply on an account that hasn’t setup single sign-on. Users will also be logged out after a specified period of inactivity.

  • The complexity for new and changed passwords will be required to conform to digital identity guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (specifically, the NIST800-63B guidelines). Existing passwords won't be affected until you choose to update them.

Simplified password reset flow

Users can initiate password resets from the Fastly login page without having to create a temporary password. Users will also be assisted with helper text on the complexity requirements while creating a new password.

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Transitioning to a new login experience 

Fastly understands transitions are hard, so we made the transition transparent. You will not be required to take any steps. When the changes are rolled out, users will be taken through the new login experience as part of their sign-in steps. Refer to Fastly documentation to learn more.

Unified login experience is only the foundation towards a larger objective of providing our customers one platform to access the entire suite of Fastly products. Stay tuned for more exciting platform features like unified accounts and user management, and automated user provisioning via identity providers.

Sanjeev Nagvekar
Director, Product Management
Krishnan Ramachandran
Senior Product Technology Manager

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Sanjeev Nagvekar
Director, Product Management

Sanjeev Nagvekar leads Platform Product at Fastly. He is passionate about building scalable technology platforms and has extensive experience building B2B and B2C identity, maps and commerce platforms enabling delightful experiences for users and unlocking substantial business value for organizations.

Krishnan Ramachandran
Senior Product Technology Manager

Senior Product Manager at Fastly, leads the Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) and Authorization initiatives for Fastly Platform.

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