Q3 2016 - Q4 2016

Network capacity growth  

The infrastructure team has been very busy this quarter, not only managing record peaks of utilization associated with the US election coverage and holiday shopping, but also increasing our network bandwidth capacity by 40% globally — and 150% since December 2015.

Point of presence (POP) additions & enhancements

This quarter, we’re happy to announce that we’ve opened new POPs in Paris and Minneapolis and joined the Equinix Paris and MICE peering exchanges. In addition to new POPs, we continued to deploy cache server capacity at our Frankfurt and London locations.

Feature releases

HTTP/2 support

HTTP/2 is now in General Availability — we support all of the standard protocol features as well as some optional features, including server push. You will see various benefits over HTTP/1.1, including reduced browser overhead and improved efficiency.

TLS deprecation update

In February 2016, we published our plan to migrate to TLS 1.2. In keeping with our goal to provide you with a robust, trusted platform for your applications, and to comply with the PCI Security Standards Council mandate, we implemented phase two of our deprecation plan on January 9, 2017. This change will not impact customers with existing dedicated endpoints. Please refer to our blog for the complete scope of information and timeline.

Fastly Managed CDN

We released our Managed CDN offering — a custom-built solution for high-traffic, content-driven businesses that need the benefits of a private DIY content delivery solution without dedicating significant internal budget and resources to building their own. The Fastly Managed CDN offers the same core benefits as our public CDN but with dedicated resources and even greater control and security options.

Web interface update

The next generation of the Fastly control panel released last quarter is now the default web interface. When you first log in, visit the “What’s New” wizard to see what’s changed between the new and previous interface. The old web interface will be retired in the future but for now you can still revert back to the old interface by clicking the link in the footer of the control panel. Our public documentation has been updated to reflect the update, and a version corresponding to the classic user interface is available at docs-legacy.fastly.com.

Magento plugin update

We have simplified the process of configuring our Magento 2 plugin. Customers will no longer have to contact Fastly Customer Support to enable Custom VCL or have to navigate between Magento and Fastly in order to upload Magento VCL. The updated plugin includes a button that clones the active service version, adds the required snippet, activates the version, and also provides some helpful success and error messages.

Community update


This past quarter, Fastly had a presence at the following events:

  • Google Next London: We spoke about performance-driven scalability and Fastly's Cloud Accelerator, and previewed a cool new demo experience.

  • Google Cloud Security Symposium: Our SVP of Product, Sean Leach, dug into the emotional impact a DDoS has on your org.

  • Boston Web Perf Meetup: CTO Tyler McMullen spoke about what makes load balancing hard, the problems with current solutions, and techniques to do it better.

  • O'Reilly Security Conference: Fastly VP of SRE Lisa Phillips, VP of Security Engineering Maarten Van Horenbeeck, and VP of Infrastructure Tom Daly talked about how to handle incident management at the edge.

  • Velocity Europe: We sponsored and appreciated countless conversations with fellow attendees about the value of pushing content and logic to the edge.

  • Codemesh: Fastly CTO Tyler McMullen spoke at this alternative programming conference in London about the problems of load balancing.

  • Oredev: Fastly VP of Technology Hooman Beheshti discussed the pitfalls of HTTP/2.

  • Stripe’s Infra Talks and Pie: Our Director of Engineering, Ines Sombra, spoke about capacity planning.

  • HashiCorp User Groups: We supported one of our open source partners by sponsoring their meetups in London, New York, and San Francisco.

Check out our events page to keep track of conferences we’ve been to and ones we’ll be attending in the coming months.

Open source projects we’re supporting

We’re continuing our efforts to support open source projects by donating our services. Since we began this program in 2014, we’ve seen a 3,144% growth in open source traffic. Here are some projects that have recently started using Fastly:

As always, if you have an open source project that can use Fastly services, please reach out to community@fastly.com. Want to chat with Fastly engineers and other customers using our product? Check out our Community Forum.

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