Network expansion update: Frankfurt

We’re pleased to announce the addition of a second Frankfurt POP to Fastly’s network. In addition to providing more capacity and redundancy to our CDN in Central and Eastern Europe, the Frankfurt POP gives us the opportunity to leverage new switching technology to drive more 100 Gigabit Ethernet ports in our network.

Frankfurt is a key connection hub for Central and Eastern Europe. Large global backbone providers such as NTT Global IP Network and Telia Carrier extend their reach into countries like Poland, Austria, Hungary, and Bulgaria via their major network hubs in Frankfurt. Given our tight alignment to these networks, expanding our Frankfurt presence amplifies capacity to this region, which provides additional support for network maintenance in Germany, helps us maintain consistent performance profiles, and reinforces protection against outages.

The growth in Frankfurt also presented an opportunity to deploy a new generation of network hardware. This POP is deployed on the Arista 7280R-48C6 switching platform which provides 48x 10GE ports and 6x 100GE ports. We’re using the 10GE ports for cache server attachment, while the 100GE ports are reserved for transit and peering connections. We’re excited about having more RAM available to run custom applications directly on network hardware AND having a larger FIB to enhance routing capacity (despite our competency in routing without routers). Room to grow on open platform device means a greater opportunity to innovate in the networking space!

We will continue to expand our footprint in Europe. Our network map is a great resource to see exactly what we’re planning, and you can stay informed about Fastly’s network events by subscribing to updates on our status page.

Tom Daly
VP, Infrastructure

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Tom Daly
VP, Infrastructure

Tom Daly is Vice President of Infrastructure at Fastly. He was formerly CTO and co-founder of Dynamic Network Services (“DYN”). Tom joined Fastly with 15 years of network engineering and infrastructure-building experience. He serves as a member of Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Engineering Department advisory board. Tom has a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Bentley.

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