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2016: a year in review

Last year I wrote about why speed matters and our mission to fully operate at the edge. Since then, we’ve continued to scale along with our customers at a rapid pace — as of January 2017, we’ve grown 150% to nearly 10 Tbps of global network capacity.

In 2016, we announced our Managed CDN offering, added new customers including The New York Times, Airbnb, and | HauteLook, and expanded our global network to 30 points of presence (POPs), which includes our first POP in the Middle East. We’re proud to have expanded our open source program with support for even more great OSS projects, including DPDK, NetBSD, The Tor Project,, LLVM, and HashiCorp. Since we began this program in 2014, we’ve seen a 3,144% growth in open source traffic.

2016 was an eventful year, both in terms of cultural moments and internet security. We saw some interesting global traffic patterns during major events, such as the Super Bowl, the 2016 presidential election, holiday shopping, and giving. Following the largest DDoS attacks in history, we researched the resilience of IoT devices and experienced the emotional impact of DDoS on organizations first-hand. We’ve expanded our security team’s vision – this year, we’ll leverage our real-time network intelligence to provide automated patches as attacks are happening.

Fastly’s growth reflects our vision for the future; Altitude 2016, our second annual customer summit, focused on the future of the edge, and we heard how customers including the Financial Times, New York Magazine, WIRED, and many more are moving their applications to the edge. In the coming years, businesses will rely on agility and real-time innovation as a competitive advantage – and all logic and data will move to the edge, closest to end users. Fastly is leading this movement. In 2017, we will continue building new products to support our customers’ growth at the edge, enabling continuous development and delivering fast, secure end user experiences.

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Artur Bergman
Chief Architect and Executive Chairperson

Artur Bergman has served as our Chief Architect and Executive Chairperson of the board of directors since February 2020. He served as our CEO from Fastly’s founding in March 2011 until February 2020. From September 2007 to June 2011, Artur served as Manager, Vice President, then Chief Technology Officer of Wikia, Inc., a global community knowledge-sharing platform. From November 2005 to March 2007, he served as Engineering Manager for SixApart, a social networking service. From the second half of 2003 to August 2005, Artur served as Engineering Manager of Fotango, Ltd., a subsidiary of Canon Europe.

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