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Fastly Managed Security Service

The Fastly Managed Security Service keeps your web applications and APIs protected and available. Pass the management, maintenance, and incident response of your Fastly security products to our team of experts. Rest easy with 24/7/365 proactive attack detection and remediation, industry-leading SLAs, and regular configuration maintenance.

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Get peace of mind to focus on new key initiatives

Offload the risk, overhead, and stress of managing your application’s security to Fastly’s Managed Security experts who continuously monitor for threats and take proactive action to mitigate attacks.

Increase security and availability

Get monitoring and protection from advanced threats with proactive analysis to patch exploits before they’re found by attackers.

Eliminate resourcing difficulties

Harness the power of global application security experts who protect your applications at all times without the stress of staffing the same capability internally.

Inform strategic decisions

Gain visibility into emerging trends across the threat landscape of our massive globally distributed customer network and unlock new insights from your traffic to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.


Gain unrivaled protection

Strengthen your security posture as Fastly proactively protects and mitigates application attacks while offering actionable insights and strategic recommendations.

Proactive security

We perform regular threat hunts and analysis of your environment to secure applications before vulnerabilities are exploited and offer strategic recommendations based on current best practices.

Incident response

We fight advanced threats every day and have the expertise and staff to protect your application from threats no matter the size, attack vector, or time they hit.

Security strategy

We deliver insights from your environment and research findings to strengthen your security strategy.

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Supercharge your capabilities

Drive your business forward by streamlining core security functions

24/7/365 monitoring and mitigation

Ensure attacks are mitigated. Adopt continuous monitoring, detection, and protection against OWASP threats and more provided by a global team of application security experts.

Regular actionable reporting

Build on strategic data. Get timely reports delivered and contextualized with insights for actionable enhancements. Contact us for a sample.

Threat hunting

Uncover hidden vulnerabilities. Receive proactive searches for vulnerabilities on your applications and custom rules applied to patch them before they’re abused.

Threat intelligence

Leverage emerging insights. Draw on trends analyzed from across our customer base to guide your security strategy.

Readiness drills

Improve your team’s preparedness against security threats. Partner with our team to simulate attack responses and fine-tune your security strategy for effective and rapid response when needed.

Health checks

Maximize the efficacy of your architecture. Obtain assessments of your security posture and corresponding infrastructure to ensure you’re operating under current best practices.

Nine uses Managed Security to strengthen and streamline security
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“Fastly Managed Security Service is expanding our security capability—from bot protection to rate limiting to emerging threats. And we'll be able to continue to expand to our protection over time.”

Andre Lackmann

Technology Director

Frontier Airlines enhances their application security with Managed Security
Travel and hospitality

“Fastly’s Managed Security Service has proven to be a safety net that we didn't know we needed. It provides us peace of mind, knowing that they will be there alongside us through challenges or web/mobile incidents we encounter. This service has enabled us to offer superb internal support to our internal stakeholders and enhanced application security to our customers. It has truly fostered a great collaborative partnership between our teams, and we look forward to achieving even more together in the future."

Jeff Weaver

MGR Cybersecurity Architecture and Engineering

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Service Overview

AppSec made turnkey

Let the industry’s best proactively protect your applications, APIs, and microservices from threats so you can free your team to focus on strategic growth opportunities. Contact us to learn more

Managed Security overview

Let the industry’s best proactively protect your applications, APIs, and microservices from threats so you can free your team to focus on strategic growth opportunities. Contact us to learn more

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