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Finding opportunity in media’s new normal

With the US Presidential election reaching new high-interest levels, news publishers and media outlets played a critical role to ensure their readers and viewers alike were kept up to date with the latest information both locally and globally. Add to this that the 2020 pandemic has led to big shifts in news media consumption. The impact of COVID-19 on businesses, and especially publishers has reached every corner of the industry, meaning technology leadership and teams have had to respond quickly.

Listen in as Nick Rockwell, Fastly’s senior vice president of engineering and the former chief technology officer for the New York Times, speaks with a panel of technology leaders at worldwide digital publishers about how they’re coping with this new normal, and what the future may hold.

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Breaking news, delivered Fastly.

News aggregators and placement algorithms have made time-to-publish as important as ever! Empower your editors to keep up with the highest consumer demand by providing them with modern publishing workflows. An API-first approach enables them to update, remove, or add new content to your content management system and publish in near real-time, no matter what your CMS platform may be.

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Meet growing reader expectations with timely content updates.

Create better reader experiences by caching API responses at the edge — from the latest results and sports scores to breaking news. Save on costs with fewer trips to origin and eliminate the need for costly API gateways.

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Instantly serve quality images optimized for any device.

Tailor rich media in real-time to a reader’s device type, browser, location, or internet connection. Serve high-quality images without the need for a costly dedicated solution.

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Identify performance issues before your readers do.

Continuously monitor your digital health with access to real-time logs. Gain insights into reader engagement levels, traffic trends and API delivery problems, and feed data into the logging endpoint of your choice for ongoing performance monitoring.

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Confidently scale on demand to address traffic spikes.

Instantly scale to support traffic surges associated with major news events or viral videos without capacity constraints or bottlenecks. Built-in routing and load balancing intelligently handle large volumes of simultaneous requests.

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With the right partner in place, performance at scale is possible.

Partner with a vendor who puts your success first. With a customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) of over 95%* for the past three years running, our numbers speak for themselves. Fastly’s world-class support includes documentation, chat, engineers, solutions packages, and much more.

*as of June 30, 2020

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