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Announcing Fastly’s POP in the United Arab Emirates

By  Tom Daly, VP, Infrastructure, August 2, 2016 in Network

We’re pleased to announce Fastly’s first POP in the Middle East, located in Fujairah, UAE. Located just 100 miles east of Dubai, Fujairah (FJR) is home to a number of major submarine cable landings serving the Middle East and members states of the Gulf Cooperation Council.



Users accessing Fastly-powered websites, APIs, and streaming services were previously served from our POPs in Europe and Singapore. Today, they are being served from Fujairah via our transit and peering connections established locally in the UAE. By reviewing real user measurement (RUM) data generated by the Fastly platform, we already see dramatic performance improvements for users in the UAE:

UAE RUM data

Source: Cedexis/Fastly RUM Data

This latency reduction means more responsive and robust experiences for users in the region.

Other updates: San Jose, CA

If you follow our status page, you’ll also see a variety of updates regarding our San Jose POP. Not only have we been adding new POPs to our network (like Boston and Toronto), we’ve been deploying upgrades across our existing sites to handle customer growth. We’re deploying more connectivity, more cache servers, and more SSDs to increase cache efficiency in support of our goal to deliver faster and more secure online experiences. Stay tuned for more updates to the Fastly Network!


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Tom Daly | VP, Infrastructure

Tom Daly is Vice President of Infrastructure at Fastly. He was formerly CTO and co-founder of Dynamic Network Services (“DYN”). Tom joined Fastly with 15 years of network engineering and infrastructure-building experience. He serves as a member of Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Engineering Department advisory board. Tom has a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Bentley.