Announcing the Fastly Secret Store - Extending Edge Data with Edge Secrets

What it is

Fastly’s Secret Store is a global secrets management solution that helps you extend protected access to your origins, applications, and other resources on the Fastly edge. Place a secret in a Fastly Secret Store and read it from a Fastly Compute service. It’s durable, fast, and simple. 

Why we built it

Secrets management is hard - we have all pasted a token somewhere it shouldn’t have been, or spent more time managing encryption than developing the application we want. We built Secret Store to remove these headaches. With a simple management API and secrets access in Compute SDKs, you can easily extend your current secrets management to the edge and get back to building. 

When Can I Use the Secret Store?

Now! Fastly has been testing the Secret Store in production with our own products for over a year, and it is now available with all Compute services. All Fastly Compute services automatically have access to the Secret Store functionality and the ability to use at least one global secret. See our Package Entitlements page for more details.

Secret Stores and secrets can be added via and via the Fastly API. Information on getting started is available on our Developer Hub

What Should I Try First? 

Testers of Secret Store secured origins with access credentials at the edge, simplified data workflows with stored API keys, and accelerated end user response times by storing credentials previously used with other cloud services.

"As an open source project, we're always balancing putting our code out in the open with maintaining the security of our infrastructure. With Fastly's Secret Store, it's easy. We trust Fastly to keep our secrets safe and secure, while also making them available to all our global cloud deployments lightning fast. It's one less thing to worry about so we can focus on pushing Kubernetes' infrastructure forward."  - Kubernetes Infrastructure Special Interest Group (SIG), a member of Fastly’s open internet intitiative, Fast Forward

We recommend: 

  1. Secure an origin by storing Amazon S3 credentials at the edge

  2. Decrease latency by replacing a call to a centralized secret platform with an edge secret read. Then, tell us the speed difference! 

  3. Move a secret from an in-house designed system to the Secret Store to compare total cost of global access.

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Ready to get started? Create a Fastly Compute account and start placing secrets at the edge. 

Want to hear more? Stay tuned for an upcoming live stream discussing the Secret Store.

MJ Jones
Principal Product Manager, Compute

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MJ Jones
Principal Product Manager, Compute

As the product manager of Compute, MJ guides the development of features for Fastly's serverless compute offering. Before joining Fastly, MJ put his data-driven product management approach to work at Riot Games, Google, GoGuardian, and others.

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