Better ecommerce experiences built on Fastly

Empowering our customers to deliver the best experiences possible has been Fastly’s mission since day one. We do that by making their applications and APIs fast, secure, and easy to manage. 

As the peak shopping season looms, and Black Friday creeps closer, we want to take a moment to spotlight four of our ecommerce customers who are keeping carts (and hearts) full of stellar experiences found only at Fastly.

Speedy, scalable shopping experiences

Edgemesh goes all-in on performance

Edgemesh is a web acceleration company that helps businesses measure and optimize online shopping experiences, helping their customers achieve site delivery speeds that are often 2 to 10 times faster. Edgemesh's customers depend on them for fast, reliable websites. In order to be certain they could deliver those gains Edgemesh turned to Fastly Compute as a serverless edge computing solution that could more than meet that need. 

One of Edgemesh's focus areas is speed, or as they call it, ecommerce acceleration, which means their customers want to provide shoppers with instantaneous response times and high-quality immersive experiences. Fastly Compute makes that possible by giving developers the ability to execute code at the edge near their customers at blazingly fast speeds. This means apps and websites can be highly personalized and deliver interactive user experiences without any noticeable latency. 

Read the full case study: Edgemesh customers see conversion rate improvements of up to 20%

Litium improves speed, flexibility, and scale

Litium is a scalable ecommerce platform offering B2B and B2C companies the speed and flexibility needed to compete and succeed in digital commerce.

Litium aims to give its customers not just a fast, flexible sales platform but a model for rapid growth. Liltium wanted to scale globally without sacrificing speed or security, and to keep their backend in Europe, without impacting users in the US or other parts of the world. Fastly helped them accomplish all three. This is easy when you’re using a modern CDN built for agility and flexibility, but it comes with additional benefits like site acceleration, globalization of services, and security. Litium can now provide faster, auto-scaling, easy-to-use ecommerce solutions to its customers. And better yet, customers have seen the improvement for themselves since Fastly entered the picture.

Read the full case study: Adding Fastly to the Litium Commerce Cloud for speed, flexibility, and scale

Trade Me goes beyond content delivery to exceed customer experiences

Trade Me is New Zealand’s biggest and busiest auction and classifieds site – the first place Kiwis go to buy and sell everything from cars to houses. 

Trade Me approached Fastly for a superior CDN solution to keep content close to customers while the brand transitioned to the cloud. Also, the brand needed a more robust WAF that would solve its unique challenges; such as servers being located a great distance from their customers and the need for a reliable WAF that would not block legitimate customer traffic.

Trade Me saw immediate benefits by switching to Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF (NGWAF) which guards against DDoS attacks and uses automation to distinguish between false positives and genuine attacks. They put NGWAF in blocking mode and stopped worrying about legitimate customer traffic being blocked ever again.

Read the full case study: Trade Me – lightning-fast content delivery for NZ’s #1 auction site

Spread Group overcomes a complex cybersecurity challenge

Tech-driven fashion and lifestyle provider Spread Group specializes in quality, customized apparel. From personalized caps to plug-and-play merch stores for creators, Spread Group has customized fashion and lifestyle all sewn up.

With over 6.17 billion average monthly requests, finding a CDN to supercharge delivery took first place on this innovator’s wish list. To sustain this global scale and convert clicks online to clothes on customers’ backs, weaving delivery with security became increasingly crucial. With the Fastly CDN solution already working smoothly, Spread Group looked at the Fastly Next-Gen WAF as flexible security that could fit its ever-evolving platform like a glove. The company saw impressive and immediate wins on Fastly’s NGWAF, it didn’t block business-critical functions, only malicious requests, despite being high-performance it did not add additional latency to requests and fit in perfectly with the existing security ecosystem. Further benefits like the NGWAF’s API-first approach, intuitive UI, and analytics insights proved invaluable to the team at Spread Group as well.

Read the full case study: Fastly balances security and business growth for Spread Group

Level up your ecommerce shop

These are just a few of the stories from businesses that have leveraged Fastly’s platform to exceed customer expectations by delivering high-performance, secure digital experiences at scale. Check out our other ecommerce customer stories to see how Fastly beats the competition.

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Ashley Hurwitz
Content Marketing Manager

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Ashley Hurwitz
Content Marketing Manager

Ashley Hurwitz is part of the Content Marketing team at Fastly. She specializes in crafting engaging stories for tech brands, building brand awareness, and content strategy. In her free time, she loves to read, play video games, and watch Nicolas Cage movies.

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