Build on the edge with ready-to-deploy code

Part of what makes Fastly so powerful is the near-infinite programmability of our platform. Beyond simply customizing your own configuration, you can build your own solutions at the edge — extensions ranging from the practical to the powerful. We’ve been blown away by the creativity of pioneering customers, like Reddit and HotelTonight, who regularly push more complex logic to the edge, which ultimately leads to a faster and safer internet for users around the world. And we want to help all of you take full advantage of all there is to do on our edge cloud platform. That's why today, we're introducing a new collection of tools built just for developers — gathered on one easy-to-search page — so you can discover, test, and deploy edge cloud solutions in a faster, safer way. 

Explore the recipes

We created an index of more than 60 code-based solutions (we call them recipes) that can be quickly and easily deployed to your Fastly configuration. This means you can use these resources to safely test and iterate at the edge* — rather than starting from scratch. We’ve also pulled out the most popular use cases — like A/B testing and authentication — and provided step-by-step guides and interactive demos so it’s easier to take advantage of emerging trends. 

Discover pre-built recipes

Filter through dozens of useful code blocks that you can copy and paste directly into your Fastly service configuration, then customize and deploy. 

Explore common solution patterns

Get a deconstructed view of how complex solutions work on our edge and learn how to customize and deploy them for your own specific needs with step-by-step tutorials.

What’s next for developers?

This collection of tools is born out of countless problem-solving discussions and collaborations with our incredible community of customers — around the globe and across all industries. And it’s just the beginning. While our team is actively developing and testing more recipes to publish to the collection, we know that this project will be even more interesting and impactful when our community gets involved. Our next step is to open this collection up for you to suggest, request, and add your own solutions to share with each other. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t give us feedback on what’s being rolled out today. Explore the collection and let us know what’s missing, what you’re building, and how we can make this a more useful resource for the entire community. You can get in touch at

*Code provided through the Build on Fastly page is provided "as-is" and for your convenience. We recommend thorough testing prior to deploying in your production configuration.

Adam Denenberg
SVP, Customer Solutions

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Adam Denenberg
SVP, Customer Solutions

Adam Denenberg is SVP, Customer Solutions at Fastly, where he helps drive the technical adoption of the Fastly edge cloud platform. He was previously the Chief Technology Officer at iHeartRadio, where he was responsible for overseeing the overall technical strategy and vision. Prior to iHeartRadio, Adam was the VP of Engineering at The Huffington Post. Adam has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from SUNY Albany with a minor in Physics.

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