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We are committed to expanding support for logging endpoints because it helps you clever customers do some pretty amazing things. 

Real-time logging helps Infura understand what’s happening with massive amounts of traffic. The Guardian leverages log streaming to identify issues that may crop up after deploying changes. Foursquare improves troubleshooting by determining what data to stream with logs. 

Now, support for six additional endpoints will help you do even more. As developers who like to experiment with big data — just like you — we are particularly excited that Fastly now supports Apache Kafka and Elasticsearch.

Apache Kafka is a high-throughput, low-latency platform that handles real-time data feeds. A distributed, REST-based engine, Elasticsearch performs many types of searches — from structured and unstructured, to geo and metric — in a customizable way. These endpoints are currently part of a Limited Availability release; to enable them, contact

Other updated integrations include SFTP, OpenStack, Cloud Files, and Log Shuttle, all now readily available to all customers.

We’ll continue to add new endpoints to serve your needs in building the internet of tomorrow. Keep us posted on what works well or integrations you’d like to see.

Dom Fee
Senior Manager, Product Management

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Dom Fee
Senior Manager, Product Management

Dom Fee leads Product for Observability at Fastly. Before joining Fastly, he was co-founder and product lead of ReSRC; the responsive image service Fastly acquired in 2015. When not working, he can be found cycling in the Yorkshire countryside, playing basketball with his kids, or sampling some of Leeds’ foodie hotspots.

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