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Q3'17 - Q4'17

In Q4, we added several new features and expanded our network before taking a much-needed break for the holidays. New features include enhancements to video capabilities (HEVC), security (WAF update), and user management, and more, plus new POPs in South Africa, Japan, and North America. Read on to learn what we’ve been up to last quarter.

Q2'17 - Q3'17

In Q3, we were excited to launch some new products and features — including our Media Shield, which is already saving customers up to 75% on infrastructure costs — to help you make the most of our edge cloud network. Read on to learn what we’ve been up to last quarter.

Q1'17 - Q2'17

In Q2 2017, we reached 13 Tbps of global capacity, added POPs in Newark, Chicago, and Johannesburg, and launched three new services on the Fastly edge cloud network: the Fastly Image Optimizer, Load Balancer, and Web Application Firewall (WAF).

Q4’16 - Q1’17

In Q1 2017, we reached 10 Tbps of global capacity, added POPs in Madrid and Montreal, and released several new features, including IPv6 support, geolocation updates, and enhancements to our logging endpoints.

Q3 2016 - Q4 2016

This quarter, we launched our Managed CDN offering, added new POPs, and increased our network bandwidth capacity by 40%.

Q2 2016 - Q3 2016

This quarter, we doubled our cache server capacity at several key POPs around the United States, and updated several features, including logging endpoints, video, and updates to our routing platform.

Q1 2016 - Q2 2016

Over the past three months, we’ve increased network capacity by 40% through a variety of transit augments and new public and private interconnection arrangements and we've also focused on augments to our cache server footprints across the United States.

Q4 2015 - Q1 2016

Compared to the madness of the holiday season, this quarter has been a relatively quiet one, with the exception of the Super Bowl. Over the last quarter, we've deployed hardware upgrades to eastern and central North America. This work represents a capacity increase of 16% of our global footprint, with more hardware caching augments in the works to improve performance. We've also added several new features, including Audit Logs, the Magento 1 Extension, and log streaming to Google Cloud Storage.

Q3 2015 - Q4 2015

Traffic has continued to rise; we've gone from 2 million requests and 900 gigabits per second at the end of August 2015 to 2.5 million requests and 1.3 terabits per second, and we've added three POPs — one in São Paulo, Brazil and two in Australia.

Q2 2015 - Q3 2015

In June, we hosted Fastly Altitude, our first customer summit, where we chatted with existing customers — some large, some small, some old, and some new — about features they'd like to see and ways we could improve Fastly. Traffic growth has continued at a steady pace; we've gone from 1.3 million requests and 380 gigabits per second at the end of March 2015 to 2 million requests and 900 gigabits per second, and have upgraded our points of presence (POPs) to the latest design. We've also added POPs in: Stockholm, Osaka, Seattle, Denver, Melbourne, and Miami.

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