Fastly for High-Tech

Secure digital experiences for your end-users

Fastly’s powerful edge cloud platform lets high-tech companies build innovative and groundbreaking apps. Exceed your users’ expectations and deliver high performant, safe and reliable digital experiences at scale – all while significantly improving your bottom line.

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Trusted by leading high-tech companies

Scale capacity on demand

Reduce latency and improve reliability

Fastly’s built-in routing and load balancing instantly and intelligently handle large volumes of simultaneous requests without prior notification, capacity constraints, or bottlenecks. ap into our powerful edge platform for apps and fast(ly) services, securely and at scale. Cache more on Fastly’s global network to reduce cost, all while maintaining performance.

Say goodbye to reactiveness

Stream logs from the edge for valuable insights

Benefit from logs delivered in real-time, giving you actionable insights to empower you to resolve issues quickly. Our log stream is compatible with over two dozen popular logging endpoints including Splunk, Sumo Logic, and BigQuery, and can be used for visualization, alerting and further analysis to quickly identify root cause issues and continuously optimize your traffic.

Fastly supports scalable security for over a million GitHub Pages
Software and Services

“I would recommend that people use Fastly. GitHub actually plans Fastly and its CDN services into our development and product roadmap. Fastly is a huge part of our toolkit for writing high performance, high scale web apps.”

Jesse Newland

Systems Engineer

Security with no trade-offs

Secure content and customer data without impacting performance.

Implement bot protection and anti-automation at the edge to eliminate excessive abuse and misuse of application resources. Fastly’s PCI DSS-compliant network protects against the latest-known web application vulnerabilities, DDoS, and botnet attacks. Our Next-Gen WAF effectively detects and blocks malicious traffic without rules optimization, freeing up your Security resources.

World-Class Support

Build momentum with industry-leading technical support

With an overall CSAT rating of over 95%, we pride ourselves on our customer relationships. Fastly’s world-class support includes direct assistance from our engineers via chat and in-depth technical documentation. We have support packages designed specifically for rich content, such as Live Event Monitoring to alert and troubleshoot complex issues during an event.

LaunchDarkly adopts Compute and cuts initialization time significantly

"We’ve not had any issues. [Fastly’s Compute] has been very stable. We haven’t had to make changes. It does what it says on the tag."

Jonathan Nolen

Senior Vice President of Engineering and Product

Empowering developers

Secure DevOps

Bake security into your app development processes from the start — without having to make tradeoffs between app performance and security.

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The days of agile development efforts getting stuck in release queues are over. With Fastly’s edge cloud network, visibility and control are integrated, so you can deploy new software or feature enhancements weekly, daily, or even multiple times a day.

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Multi-cloud or multi-CDN

Deploy Fastly Cloud Optimizer between your existing CDN(s) and cloud services to deliver intelligent routing and network visibility without the need to rearchitect your infrastructure. Reduce origin traffic and egress costs by collapsing multiple redundant requests for the same content into one request to origin. Avoid cloud vendor lock-in with flexible traffic routing.

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