Don’t just take our word for it — Forrester says that Fastly Compute is a “Leader”

We’re proud to announce that Fastly is named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Edge Development Platforms, Q4 2023! The report recognizes Fastly Compute with the highest scores possible in 22 criteria including vision, innovation, roadmap, pricing flexibility and transparency, security features, and runtime execution environment. We’re thrilled by the recognition, and even more excited that for us, this kind of acknowledgment makes it easier for your organization to feel confident in choosing Fastly Compute.

What analysts love about Fastly Compute

We’re always grateful for this kind of report and also extremely proud of the work our team has done to make Fastly Compute such an innovative platform. In our opinion, we know that being recognized by independent researchers helps a lot of companies realize the offering is as credible and powerful as we say it is. You should definitely read the report for yourself (we’ll hook you up with a complimentary copy!) but if you want to know our highlights of why we think Fastly Compute consistently earns this kind of recognition, we can tell you why we think Compute was named a “Leader”. 

  • First, we’re called Fastly for a reason. It’s raw performance. The engine that powers Fastly Compute is the same blisteringly-fast platform that powers our CDN — our customers tell us they love us for being the fastest platform around. When you use Fastly Compute, you’re building on the same technology we use to build our own cutting-edge features.

  • Next, we made a Compute platform by developers, for developers. That means it’s secure by design with an isolation model that keeps your code protected by default. You can use your standard tools and frameworks and familiar languages while tapping into the power of a true “locationless” edge platform. And we’ve helped lead the entire industry in building on open source and open standards, pioneering work on WASM and fighting against proprietary lock-in. We know what devs want because we’re devs ourselves.

  • It’s not an either-or option. In the real world, people want to run some code in their central cloud services, while tapping into the innovation of performance of being on the edge. Different parts of the organization might adopt a technology at different times. So we’ve made sure a modern enterprise with complex needs can move to Fastly Compute, or add Fastly Compute to their stack, in a way that’s smart, iterative and predictable.

  • Real support. Our customers who spoke to analysts mentioned two things consistently: They (of course!) spoke highly of Fastly’s speed for our edge network. But the other thing everyone mentioned? Fastly’s outstanding customer support. When you’re adopting a new platform and it’s vital to a great experience for your users, nothing matters more than knowing your platform partner has your back.

  • It’s easy to try and easy to buy. You can get started with Fastly Compute today, for free. And once you’ve found out how it can help you build amazing new experiences, Fastly lets you pick from 2 easy ways to buy. You can sign up to pay-as-you-go so it’s easy to get started and find out the value for Fastly Compute for your company, and then graduate to an (industry-first!) flat billing model where you can buy a package that is tiered to your needs, with even better rates.

Try Fastly Compute today

For developers, Fastly Compute is the perfect way to build a wildly-performant, ridiculously safe, amazingly scalable experience (and to finally get to try out Wasm and locationless deployment) on a real-world platform. To get started, just check out our developer site and get started with all kinds of step-by-step learning and onboarding guides, along with an entire library of use cases backed by hundreds of code examples.

According to the Forrester Report, Fastly Compute “is an excellent fit for organizations seeking to extend their capabilities from the public cloud with a highly performant and secure edge compute platform.” Ready to give it a try? Get in touch with us for a personalized demo.

Anil Dash
VP Developer Experience

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Anil Dash
VP Developer Experience

Anil Dash leads Fastly’s Developer Experience and Compute product teams, helping coder build on top of Fastly’s platform. He served as CEO of Glitch prior to its acquisition by Fastly in 2022. Honored by the Webby Awards with its lifetime achievement award in 2022, he was also an advisor to the Obama White House’s Office of Digital Strategy and a columnist for Wired.

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