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Fastly’s innovative edge cloud platform brings reliability, speed, and freedom to customize delivery. Add in real-time observability, programmatic control and baked-in security – which together enable you to deliver dynamic experiences that give you a competitive edge.

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Modern architecture, powerful POPs

Deliver fast, personalized experiences globally

Our resilient network design includes fewer, more powerful POPs, and instant purge capabilities enable caching more at the edge for longer, including rapidly changing content like inventory, pricing or breaking news.

Content delivery

It’s time your CDN did more. If you need reliability, speed, and freedom to customize delivery, Fastly’s CDN with real-time observability, programmatic control, and built-in security can help you deliver the dynamic experiences that today’s users demand.

Protect your apps and APIs

Security is built into the fabric of our platform. The Fastly Edge Cloud Platform has integrated security features such as the Next-Gen WAF, DDoS protection, and TLS offerings to provide SecOps and DevOps teams with a fast and safe environment to create, build, and run modern applications.

Real-time visibility

Fastly's real-time log streaming offers instant visibility into traffic, performance, threats, and troubleshooting. Stream logs to your preferred logging provider and dig requests or responses to diagnose problems and understand how your customers are engaging.

Industry Solutions

Give your digital experiences an edge

Our modern network gives you a competitive edge, whether you’re building on our platform or delivering content your users want to consume: you get the speed and performance needed to stay ahead of the competition.

Streaming Media

Reduce your administrative overhead, storage, and delivery costs and personalize your content for your online audience. Analyze our instant log files to identify bottlenecks and optimize routing, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

Emerging Media

Our high-performance platform lets you build and deliver fast, secure, and unique user experiences. When needed, our platform instantly scales to support the largest audiences without increasing the burden on your origin.

Digital Publishing

Cache more content at the edge to create agile visitor experiences, minimize churn, and increase reader engagement with personalized experiences. Serve dynamic content from weather and sports to breaking news.


Fastly's ecommerce platform is built on resilient architecture bringing speed, scale, and reliability to both merchants and shoppers. Our cutting-edge network is designed to help brands deliver seamless, stellar experiences that keep customers coming back.

Financial Services

Fastly’s Edge Cloud network provides your team with actionable insights to respond to customer behaviors, security issues, and Internet weather combined with our instant visibility into request response times, origin failures, or suspicious traffic.

High Tech

Tap into Fastly's powerful edge platform. Our built-in routing and load balancing intelligently handle large volumes of requests while caching more on a global network optimized to reduce cost and maintain performance.

Travel & Hospitality

Fastly makes it easy for you to provide secure, responsive, and personalized digital travel experiences at scale. Drive higher engagement with tailored shopper experiences based on factors such as customer location, buying history, browser, or device type.

Online Education

Level up your digital learning experience. Fastly helps educational institutions reduce infrastructure costs by caching more on our network, eliminating the need for costly build-out and unnecessary egress traffic.

The Fastly Edge

Built to power the best of the internet

Network Services

Our content delivery network (CDN) is designed to speed up and optimize the delivery of web and application traffic while ensuring developers and engineers don’t lose visibility or control. Whether customers are looking to move apps to the cloud or scale their DevOps practices, the Fastly global network provides the speed, and security and enables the engaging experiences users demand.


The true value of a security solution is in how effectively it can deliver on its promises without becoming a roadblock or slowing down performance. This is why we designed our solutions on a resilient, modern platform that simplifies security for you through better usability, better flexibility, and better effectiveness.


Compute is an advanced serverless platform built on open standards that runs your code on our global edge network and in your favorite language. It is designed to address the requirements of modern application development by empowering customers to run code in a highly secure execution environment with microsecond cold start times, at scale, on the edge.


Continuously monitor the status of your site, product, or service across all our services and product lines giving you real-time insights for better decision-making. DevOps and engineering teams can quickly identify potential issues, investigate anomalies, improve performance and uptime, and iterate faster on new releases.

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