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Fastly Edge Cloud Platform

Our platform is fully programmable. You get smarter solutions, better insights, and more control.

A better experience is waiting

Move to a faster, more secure network and get immediate benefits for your org and users. Step up to a better CDN for everything from ecommerce to publishing and streaming. Plan confidently with predictable pricing and no surprise overages.

Our network map

A more powerful global network

We built our network with intention. By design, we run fewer POPs than our competitors, but they’re much more powerful so we can cache more and serve it faster. Our network is fully software defined. We can do anything, and do it faster.

  • On average
    150 ms
    Purge time
  • More than
    1.8 trillion
    Daily requests served
  • Almost
    Of customers run Next-Gen WAF in blocking mode
  • Global
    336 Tbps
    Edge network capacity
  • Up to
    faster time to first byte (TTFB) than other CDNs

The one thing every business needs is flexibility

Everybody needs speed, reliability, security, savings, and scale – but different industries have different needs. Fastly’s powerful network and smarter solutions can be tailored to your organization. We partner with you to guarantee a smooth migration, so you can deliver the best possible user experiences.


Provide faster and more secure retail experiences


Provide faster and more secure retail experiences

You’re always open for business with Fastly. We handle the crowds and load-balancing so no one is turned away. Your customers will always see accurate information with real-time updates, and all of it is protected from DDoS, bots, and other threats.

Streaming Media

Deliver stellar streaming experiences

Fastly gives every viewer around the world a better experience on our modern network. Instant scaling with lower latency live streaming, lets you reliably deliver engaging entertainment experiences in real-time.

Travel and hospitality

Deliver faster service from the start with our travel planning experiences

Great hospitality starts at your very first interaction. Fastly caches what others can’t, like dynamic content and API responses. We handle interactions at the edge, closer to your visitors, for faster experiences that feel better and reduce bounce.

Financial services

Try a modern CDN and innovate ahead of the market

Set your financial apps apart with lower latency, realtime data delivered from apps and APIs at Fastly’s network edge. Our secure and developer friendly platform integrates into your existing CI/CD workflows so your team can exceed customer expectations.

Edgemesh uses Compute to achieve 5x improvement in time-to-first-byte.
improvement in time-to-first-byte
conversion rate improvements
They use:
Compute, Enterprise support, API integration
By using Fastly, their team can instantly serve the latest headlines, scale to accommodate breaking-news-sized traffic, build significant efficiencies into their pipeline, and secure the end-to-end experience.
Digital publishing

“Two-tenths of a second across Fastly’s platform to invalidate content and four to five seconds to push a config out across a network — I can’t tell you what a game-changer Instant Purge was for us.”

Erik Bursch

VP, Product Technology

Fastly helps GIPHY cut costs and boost performance while serving billions of images daily.
Digital publishing

“Fastly is integral to GIPHY because every time our developers have a new idea, and we ask, "Can we build this on Fastly?" The answer is always, "Yes, we can." Fastly has really proven its worth through its developer experience and how easily we can pivot and stay agile as a company. Fastly has always been flexible and easy to work with.”

Brian Benns

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

For 1stdibs, a fast and reliable site is critical for its global base of customers. That's why 1stdibs selected Fastly.

“We often look at our Fastly logs before we look at our origin’s logs. Once, we did a release, and it turned out that there was an edge case throwing tons of service errors. We looked up at our big Fastly Dashboard in the office and noticed that the pattern of errors had radically altered. By visualizing Fastly’s logs, we are able to identify and quickly fix bugs.”

Ross Paul


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What is the modern CDN and why is it important?

Too many developers and companies are dealing with the dark ages of black-box, legacy content delivery networks (CDNs) that weren’t built to provide the real-time observability, baked-in security, and programmatic control needed to deliver the dynamic experiences today’s users and developers demand.

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