Rust SDK 0.10.0



  • Updated http crate to 1.1.0, which changes some of the types re-exported from this crate such as fastly::http::HeaderValue. If your application has an explicit dependency on the http crate, you may need to update that dependency as well in order to interact with the fastly crate.
  • Usage of the handoff_websocket and handoff_fanout methods on Request and RequestHandle is no longer considered experimental. The RequestUpgradeWebsocket and RequestHandleUpgradeWebsocket traits are no longer required to use these functions, and the trait methods have been marked as deprecated.
  • Conversion functions between low-level handles and Request and Response no longer return errors following the removal of the limits module.
  • Response::with_header() has been changed to have appending behavior rather than set behavior. As a result, chained invocations of with_header() will add multiple values for the same header to the response, just like Response::append_header(). Users that prefer the old behavior should use Response::with_set_header(), instead.


  • Deprecated write_bytes() and write_str() methods on Body and StreamingBody in favor of std::io::Write methods.


  • Removed the previously-deprecated limits module. Fastly's network services resource limits do and will continue to apply.
  • Removed Request::try_from_client(), which is no longer useful following the removal of the limits module.
  • Removed the previously-deprecated Object Store items that have been renamed to KV Store.
  • Removed the previously-deprecated TransactionUpdateBuilder::sensitive_data() method.
  • Removed several previously-deprecated variants of SendErrorCause in favor of new, more-specific variants.
  • Removed the previously-deprecated BackendExt::builder() trait method in favor of the Backend::builder() method.
  • Removed the previously-deprecated write_bytes() and write_str() methods for BodyHandle and StreamingBodyHandle in favor of std::io::Write methods.

Prior change: JavaScript SDK 3.13.1

Following change: Go SDK 1.3.1