Fastly Labs

Experiment and innovate on the edge.

Fastly’s team is constantly coming up with exciting new ways to use our powerful platform — this is where Edge computing meets the cutting edge. These aren’t production-grade projects yet, but with your ideas and feedback, we’ll turn them into the next generation of Fastly innovations.


Demo, debug, and test your code instantly, for free!

With Fiddle, you can experiment with new ideas on Fastly’s platform — without even signing up for an account. Using Fastly VCL or any supported Compute platform language, debug issues or test out your code, get results instantly, and get x-ray vision into how requests interact with your code.

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Cloud deploy

Deploy to Fastly instantly, no local tooling necessary

See a cool project on GitHub, instantly deploy it to Fastly’s Compute platform. Cloud Deploy will compile your code to WebAssembly for you, just like the Fastly CLI, and create a repo on GitHub for you too. Bonus points if your code comes from Glitch. 🎏

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Also in the lab


Love experimenting? So do we!

Glitch is the friendly place where everyone builds the web—and we do mean everyone! Take your inkling from idea to app in less than a minute, whether you’re integrating with an API, demonstrating a new technology, or just showing off a new way to build the web, using Glitch lets you give other coders a fast, fun onramp.

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Fastly Security Labs

Be the first to try new next-gen WAF features

Fastly Security Labs is a program that grants your Signal Sciences corp access to in-development beta features. In addition to early access to these upcoming features, you will also have the opportunity to provide regular feedback to help shape them as they develop.

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Terms of use

Labs projects are not official Fastly products yet (they’re exciting new things that we might want to turn into formal products), so they have slightly different terms of service. Labs projects might become full products in the future, or they might not, and if they don’t succeed with our community here, they might even go away. We want you to feel good about trying out Labs projects, so check out the terms that apply to everything you see here:

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