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Introducing Quick Value Packages

Keeping your digital presence continuously tuned, optimized, and secure to align with changing business and technical requirements can be time consuming. That’s why we’ve put together our Quick Value Packages — a collection of expert consulting services focused on performance, analytics, and security. Each one allows you to tap into Fastly’s expertise to keep up with the ongoing change and complexity of modern businesses — all while freeing up your IT and engineering resources. You’ll deliver quick wins and delight your teams, enabling you to focus on driving your business forward.

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Q&A with Miles Ward, Global Head of Solutions, Google Cloud Platform

We had the opportunity to sit down with Miles Ward and chat about trends in the cloud industry, working with Fastly, and how Google Cloud Platform really sets itself apart.

Defining innovation capacity, part 2: Flexibility capacity

I believe that inflexible technology can promote an aversion to innovation. When building a stack, cost and performance are traditionally prioritized. That makes sense for immediate needs, but companies are finding that the flexibility of…

Defining innovation capacity, part 1: The innovation value of your technology stack

Today’s ideas can become tomorrow’s indispensable service. This doesn’t happen by magic. It takes a toolbox designed for innovative work.

The VCL Cookie Monster

This month’s tip is more a theoretical exercise than anything else, just to show the power of VCL, and to explain a few regular expressions. I’m going to discuss VCL that deletes cookies.

FREAK does not affect Fastly services

Fastly is not vulnerable to Logjam — we only offer the more secure Elliptic Curve variant of the Diffie-Hellman key exchange (ECDHE), and the RSA key exchange mechanism for clients that don’t support ECDHE. Since…

New global interconnects between Fastly and Google Cloud Platform

In November 2014, we announced Fastly’s Cloud Accelerator, a collaboration with Google Cloud Platform that combines the power of Google’s infrastructure with the speed and flexibility of our real-time content delivery network. We're seeing...

Surviving high-traffic events with Fastly

A CDN not only shields your origin from spikes in traffic, but it also ensures speedy delivery of content. This helps you meet your users’ expectations when they visit your site, whether that’s reading the…

Improving visibility into CA operation with Certificate Transparency

If you follow the security news cycle, you may have seen recent discussions about Google detecting a Certificate Authority (CA) in China improperly issuing certificates capable of transparently (that is, without warning) imitating Google...

Improve performance and gain better end user intelligence with GeoIP / Geography Detection

In a previous post, I discussed the benefits of Fastly edge modules. Among those listed is GeoIP / Geography Detection, which is useful for any company (especially those in ecommerce, hospitality/travel, and media) that...

Leveraging your CDN to cache "uncacheable" content

As I've written about before, there is a growing class of content called “event-driven content” that may appear dynamic, but isn’t. Even though caching this type of content is more difficult, it’s possible to...

The rise of event-driven content (or how to cache more at the edge)

In this post and going forward, we’re going to take a step back, talk about the different types of content our customers are dealing with the most, and discuss how cacheable or uncacheable they are….

Reusing backend connections to increase performance

Reusing connections between your Varnish instance and your backends (origins) is a good idea for multiple reasons. If your Varnish is on the same network as your backends and you’re doing low volume traffic, you…