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How Terrarium reframes the compiler and sandbox relationship

Dec 10, 2018  in  Edge, Engineering

Get hands-on with Terrarium, a Fastly project that lets developers harness the power of edge computing in the languages they already use. See how this technology demonstration came to be (and why we’re even using that term), what problems it solves, and where it’s headed.

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Raising $75 million to fund global expansion

We’ve raised $75 million in Series D funding led by Iconiq Capital, with new contributions from existing investors Amplify Partners, August Capital, Battery Ventures, IDG Ventures, and O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures.

Extending your application to the edge with Fastly

We often say that Fastly can easily become an extension of your app — there are three major components that make this possible: caching, control, and visibility.

Expanding our presence in Japan: Partnership and a new POP

This week, I’m in Tokyo to attend SoftBank World 2015. Today I had the honor of sharing the stage with Ken Miyauchi, President & CEO of SoftBank Corp., to make a few announcements about...

How Fastly builds POPs

Building a new point of presence (POP) from scratch involves all of the engineering groups within Fastly. Our data center infrastructure (DCI) team spearheads and coordinates the POP build from hardware procurement to putting the…

Innovation in open source, caching strategies, and more takeaways from OSCON 2015

O'Reilly’s Open Source Convention (OSCON) is always exciting. It’s easy to feel the collaborative, open source spirit throughout the conference and the events surrounding it. This year, our team traveled to Portland, Oregon to talk shop...

How to fuzz a server with American Fuzzy Lop

In this blog post, I’ll describe how to use AFL’s experimental persistent mode to blow the doors off of a server without having to make major modifications to the server’s codebase. I’ve used this technique…

The technology that empowers real-time journalism

We’re more engaged online than ever before, especially when it comes to consuming news. If you work with online media brands, you’re well aware that the way readers engage with news events is changing.

Caching with CORS

Before diving into CORS (Cross-origin resource sharing), I need to mention JSONP, which is the other solution to getting data from a different “Origin.” In Using ESI, Part 2: Leveraging VCL and ESI to...

Fastly engineers discuss their experience with coding bootcamps

It’s difficult to change course mid-career and educate yourself on a new subject after college has ended. For those entering the field of engineering, it often means taking coding classes or taking part in a...

Recap of Altitude 2015, Fastly’s first customer summit

Last week, we hosted our first customer summit, Altitude 2015, at the SFJAZZ Center. Our goal was to bring together our customers and the people who build our products to discuss web performance, Varnish,...

Announcing Window Snyder as CSO

Today, I’m happy to announce that Window Snyder has joined our executive team as Chief Security Officer. Window was formerly a security and privacy strategist at Apple as well as security chief at Mozilla...

Smart marketers should be prioritizing performance to improve conversions

You may not know that the software your developers use can affect the success of your marketing activities. It’s within both teams’ interests to collaborate to ensure good performance.