CLI v5.0.0


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The objectstore command was incorrectly configured to have a long flag using a single character (e.g. --k and --v). These were corrected to --key and --value (and a short flag variant for -k was added as well).

  • feat(objectstore): add --json support to keys/list subcommands #762
  • feat(objectstore/get): implement --json flag for getting key value #763


  • feat(compute/deploy): add Object Store to manifest [setup] #764
  • feat(compute/build): support locating language manifests outside project directory #765
  • feat(compute/serve): implement --watch-dir flag #758

Bug fixes

  • fix(setup): object_store needs to be linked to service #767


  • Bump from 0.16.0 to 0.17.0 #759

Prior change: Rust SDK 0.9.1

Following change: New validation errors when creating automation token