CLI v8.0.0


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This release contains a small breaking interface change that has required us to bump to a new major version.

When viewing a profile token using fastly profile token the --name flag is no longer supported. It has been moved to a positional argument to make it consistent with the other profile subcommands. The profile token command now respects the global --profile flag, which allows a user to switch profiles for the lifetime of a single command execution.


  • fastly profile token --name=example -> fastly profile token example
  • fastly profile token --profile=example
  • breaking(profiles): replace --name with positional arg + allow global override #862

Bug fixes

  • fix(build): show build output with --verbose flag #853


  • fix(profile/update): update active profile as default behaviour #857
  • fix(compute/serve): allow overriding of viceroy binary #859
  • feat(compute/deploy): check service availability #860


  • build(deps): bump from 0.18.0 to 0.19.0 #856
  • build(deps): bump #855

Prior change: CLI v7.0.1

Following change: JavaScript SDK 1.4.2