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Since its founding, Fastly has supported the individuals and companies that innovate and push boundaries. The people who bring amazing things into the world. Creators. Developers. You.

The loudest and clearest feedback we heard from you is the need for freedom and autonomy to build on your own terms and at your own pace, without requesting permission or working on someone else’s schedule. It’s time to give you that freedom.

We’re excited to announce free developer accounts. It’s the all-time most popular request from developers. Now it’s here, and you can instantly get started and take advantage of the most developer-friendly edge platform in the world to build the future of the internet.

What’s included?

You deserve tools that can match your wildest ambitions. You get the CDN we’re famous for, with generous limits, so you can run almost any personal or dev site on it for free. You get basic DDoS out of the box as soon as your site’s on Fastly. We have an absolutely incredible set of observability tools with real-time stats, and you can even ship your logs and observability data to other tools like Datadog, New Relic, or Honeycomb for free. All the amazing instant features you’ve always wanted to try from Fastly are in there.

  • CDN: Generous requests and bandwidth (well over 200GB and 2 Million requests per month) and TLS certificates on the exact same network that powers the world’s biggest applications, shopping events, and sports championships.

  • Security: Unlimited L3/4 DDoS mitigation and complete flexibility to manage all L7 traffic.

  • Compute: Our Wasm-powered Compute platform to run high-scale apps in your favorite languages like JS, Rust, and Go.

  • WebSockets and Push Notifications: Build and scale real-time systems with direct sockets and one-to-many pushes.

  • Data Storage: Manage secrets, config states, and complete K/V data in one of the fastest edge data platforms on the market. 

  • Observability: Real-Time Streaming Logs to Dozens of Endpoints

  • Image Optimization: Enterprise-Grade Image Transformation. Support for smart crop, blur, metadata, framing, and more.

  • Community: Learn, troubleshoot, and ship alongside the world's leading open-source maintainers, innovative builders, and the people behind the largest applications on earth.

  • Support: Assistance from the most exceptional customer service operation on the planet. 

Check out the full list at

What can you do with it?

These are the same tools powering the largest sites and systems on the internet, finally democratized for tens of millions of developers solving problems every day. If you’re working on making your personal projects a little faster, a bit safer, or more delightful than they were the previous week, Fastly has your back. If your startup goes viral, we’re ready to help you succeed alongside hundreds of other startups hitting traction. If you’re testing a new project within a big company – you can sign up and tap into Fastly’s enterprise-grade resiliency and scale immediately without red tape.

If you want to get started right now and need inspiration, we love the creativity from the Glitch community, and you can supercharge all of that energy with everything that Fastly’s platform offers. You can check out our tutorial for how to use Fastly’s platform to deliver your Glitch sites, including using your own domains with your Glitch apps.

Don’t take our word – try it yourself

We’ve worked really hard to make Fastly really easy, and we’re continuing to work on making things better - if you have feedback we're all ears. It only takes a few minutes to set up a new site or create a new app, and we even provide you with starter kits that let you deploy an app within just a few clicks. From there, you have all of our fully programmable power under the hood, and you can spend as much time as you want building something amazing. 

But if you just want to build something quick and simple, it’s never been easier to start. As you try it out, we want to hear from you. Join us in our community forum, ask any questions, and show off the sites you build – we can’t wait to see what you create!

Simon Wistow
VP Strategic Initiatives
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Simon Wistow
VP Strategic Initiatives

Simon is a co-founder at Fastly, where he helps lead strategic initiatives. Before helping found Fastly, Simon was a senior search engineer at Yahoo! Europe, LiveJournal, SixApart, Scribd, and then at social help desk company Zendesk. In a past life, he worked on R&D for a leading VFX Company doing films like the Harry Potter series, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, Sunshine, and Wallace and Gromit. At one point he worked as a cowboy in Australia. Mostly because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Find him on Mastodon:

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