CLI v7.0.0


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There are a couple of small breaking changes to the CLI.

Prior versions of the CLI would consult the following files to ignore specific files while running compute serve --watch:

  • .ignore
  • .gitignore
  • The user's global git ignore configuration

We are dropping support for these files and will instead consult .fastlyignore, which is already used by compute build.

We've removed support for the logging logentries subcommand as the third-party logging product has been deprecated.

  • fix(compute/serve): replace separate ignore files with .fastlyignore #834
  • breaking(logging): remove logentries #835

Bug fixes

  • fix(compute/build): ignore all files except manifest and wasm binary #836
  • fix(compute/serve): output rendering #839
  • Fix compute build rendered output #842


  • use secret store client keys when creating secret store entries #805
  • fix(compute/serve): check for missing override_host #832
  • feat(resource-link): Add Service Resource commands #800
  • Replace custom spinner with less buggy third-party package #838
  • refactor(spinner): hide .. after spinner has stopped #840
  • fix(compute/serve): make override_host a default behaviour #843


  • build(deps): bump from 0.2.0 to 0.7.0 #830
  • build(deps): bump from 7.2.0 to 7.3.0 #831


  • refactor: linter issues resolved #833

Prior change: Update keepalive_time in Backend API

Following change: JavaScript SDK 1.4.0