Deploy Compute project templates using Cloud Deploy

Cloud Deploy allows you to deploy any public Compute project template (including all our official starter kits) to your Fastly account and create a working, edge-hosted application connected to a GitHub repository with automated continuous deployment, in a few clicks.

The Cloud Deploy web interface

To make a Compute project automatically deployable, you need to define some setup information in your fastly.toml. Here's an example configuration from Fastly's Rust 'static content' starter kit:

address = ""
port = 443

This defines one backend (""). The backend here has a default address and port, but the user can override these when deploying.

You must also mark the repository as a template repository, so the app can generate new repositories from it. Then add the following to your to send users to the deploy app:

[![Deploy to Fastly](](

You may also add a custom GitHub Actions workflow to deploy on push at .github/workflows/deploy.yml, otherwise a default will be used.